Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Basic Electrical Engineering

31-Absolute permeability of free space µ0=

(A) 4π x 10-7 H/m

(B) 2π x 10-7 H/m

(C) 4π x 10-14 H/m

(D) 2π x 10-14 H/m


32-Colour code for 47Ω resistor with ±5% tolerance:

(A) Yellow – Violet – Black – Gold

(B) Yellow – Black – Violet – Gold

(C) Yellow – Violet – Brown – Gold

(D) Yellow – Violet – Black – Silver


33-One metric HP = ___ Watts.

(A) 746

(B) 756

(C) 735.5

(D) 756.5


34-Two wattmeter method of power measurement is suitable for:

(A) balanced load only

(B) unbalanced load

(C) both balanced and unbalanced load

(D) delta connected load


35-Two current carrying conductors placed side by side, experience a force of attraction:

(A) When current direction of both conductors are same

(B) When current direction of both conductors are opposite

(C) Independent of the direction of currents

(D) Only when one conductor is carrying current


36-___ helps to find out the direction of current in the conductor of a generator

(A) Cork screw rule

(B) Right hand thumb rule

(C) Fleming’s left hand rule

(D) Fleming’s right hand rule


37-Ward-Leonard system is used for:

(A) Voltage regulation of transformer

(B) DC motor speed control

(C) Excitation of alternator

(D) Voltage regulation of alternator


38-Fire caused by LPG is class ___ fire.

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) D


39-When two resistors are connected in series total resistance is 8Ω and when connected in parallel, equivalent resistance is 2Ω. Values of resistances are:

(A) 5Ω and 3Ω

(B) 6Ω and 2Ω

(C) 4Ω and 4Ω

(D) 7Ω and 1Ω


40-Base of BJT is:

(A) Lightly doped

(B) Heavily doped

(C) Moderately doped

(D) Not doped



31-(A), 32-(C), 33-(C), 34-(C), 35-(A), 36-(D), 37-(B), 38-(B), 39-(C), 40-(A)