Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Basic Electrical Engineering

41-Which type of motor is used in portable drilling machine?

(A) Induction motor

(B) DC series motor

(C) Universal motor

(D) Shaded pole motor


42-Moving Iron volt meter reads ___ value.

(A) Peak

(B) rms

(C) Average

(D) Peak to peak


43-Doelectric strength of air is ___ kv/mm.

(A) 2.5

(B) 25

(C) 3.2

(D) 16


44-Negative plate of lead acid cell is made of

(A) Carbon

(B) Spongy lead

(C) Lead peroxide

(D) Cadmium


45-RMS value = ___ x Maximum value

(A) 0.636

(B) 0.85

(C) 0.607

(D) 0.707


46-The tube of fluorescent lamp is filled with:

(A) Mercury and Nitrogen

(B) Mercury and Argon

(C) Nitrogen and Argon

(D) Oxygen and Argon


47-Ammeter shunt is ___ resistance.

(A) High

(B) Medium

(C) Low

(D) Very high


48-Transformers are rated in:

(A) KW

(B) MW




49-18 SWG = ____ mm

(A) 1.22

(B) 1.42

(C) 0.91

(D) 0.61


50-___ is known as universal gate.

(A) AND gate

(B) NAND gate

(C) OR gate

(D) NOT gate


51-Electrolyte used in Edison cell:

(A) H2SO4

(B) HCl


(D) MNO2


52-1 KWh =

(A) 36 x 102 J

(B) 36 x 103 J

(C) 36 x 104 J

(D) 36 x 105 J



41-(C), 42-(B), 43-(C), 44-(B), 45-(D), 46-(B), 47-(C), 48-(C), 49-(A), 50-(B), 51-(C), 52-(D)