Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on friction

The force of friction is maximum when the surface

  1. Is on the point of motion
  2. Is at rest
  3. Is moving
  4. The friction remains same at all points



The types of threads used in Screw jacks are

  1. Metric thread
  2. Square
  3. ACME
  4. Buttress



For a single started thread, the lead is equal to

  1. p/2
  2. p
  3. 2p
  4. p/3

Where p = pitch



The slope of the thread with horizontal is known as

  1. helix
  2. lead
  3. pitch
  4. helix angle



The flat pivot bearing is used to bear

  1. axial thrust
  2. radial thrust
  3. both radial and axial thrust
  4. None of the above



In plate clutch, the clutch plate is placed

  1. Before flywheel
  2. After pressure plate
  3. In between pressure plate and flywheel
  4. None of the above



The clutch is placed in four-wheeler, in between

  1. Engine and gear box
  2. Gear box and differential
  3. Propeller shaft and differential
  4. None of the above



The radius of friction circle is independent of

  1. Weight of the shaft
  2. Radius of the shaft
  3. Coefficient of friction
  4. All of the above



In rotation of shaft, the power lost in friction is given by

  1. W x µ x V Watts
  2. W x µ x V Kilo-watts
  3. W x µ / V Watts
  4. W x µ / V Kilo-watts

Where, W=Weight of shaft, µ=Coefficient of friction, V= Velocity of shaft (in m/s)