Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Mechanical Engineering

34-The ratchet mechanism in a micrometer screw gauge serves to

(A) Check wear out

(B) Ensure a uniform measuring force

(C) Eliminate play

(D) Use it as a snap gauge


35-All the working surfaces and the cylindrical surfaces of the rollers of sine bar have a surface finish of the order of

(A) 0.2 micron

(B) 0.5 micron

(C) 1 micron

(D) 5 micron


36-The difference between the upper limit and lower limit of a dimension is known as

(A) Basic size

(B) Nominal size

(C) Tolerance

(D) Actual size


37-Which one of the following threads is having smallest included angle?

(A) Acme thread

(B) BSW thread

(C) Buttress thread

(D) Unified thread


38-Which of the following feedback devices can sense both speed and position?

(A) Resolver

(B) Tachometer

(C) Encoder

(D) All of these


39-Which of the following non-contact inspection method uses a high frequency sound wave?

(A) Radiation

(B) Reluctance

(C) Ultrasonic

(D) Capacitance


40-Encoder is used in CNC machine tool, to sense and control

(A) Spindle speed

(B) Spindle position

(C) Table position

(D) All of these


41-Weld spatter refers to

(A) Welding electrode

(B) Flux

(C) Filler Material

(D) Welding defect


42-It is difficult to weld stainless steel because of

(A) Oxide film formation

(B) Rust formation

(C) High melting temperature of stainless steel

(D) Formation of chromium carbide


43-To accurately cut gears operating at velocities upto 20m/s, the velocity factor is equal to

(A) 3/ (3+v)

(B) 6/ (6+v)

(C) 9/ (9+v)

(D) 4.58/ (4.58+v)


44-If ā€˜Dā€™ is the diameter of Pelton wheel and ā€˜dā€™ is the diameter of the jet, then number of buckets on the periphery of a Pelton wheel is equal to

(A) D/2d

(B) 10+D/2d

(C) 15+D/2d

(D) 20+D/2d



34-(B), 35-(A), 36-(C), 37-(D), 38-(C), 39-(C), 40-(C), 41-(D), 42-(A), 43-(B), 44-(C)