Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Mechanical Engineering

78-The correct sequence of the given processes in manufacturing by powder metallurgy is

(A) blending, compacting, sintering and sizing

(B) blending, compacting, sizing and sintering

(C) compacting, sizing, blending and sintering

(D) compacting, blending, sizing and sintering


79-Documents showing part lists or building lists generated at the design stage is

(A) MRP (Materials requirement planning)

(B) MPS (Master Production Schedule)

(C) MRP-II (Manufacturing Resources Planning)

(D) BOM (Bills of Materials)


80-The aim of value engineering is to

(A) find depreciation value of a machine

(B) determine the selling price of a product

(C) minimise the cost without lowering the quality of the product

(D) all of the above


81-In time study, the rating factor is applied to determine

(A) standard time of a job

(B) merit rating of the worker

(C) fixation of incentive rate

(D) normal time of a worker


82-The main objective of scientific layout is

(A) to produce better quality product

(B) efficient utilization of floor area and space

(C) to minimise production delays

(D) all of the above


83-A system of three forces acts on a body and keeps it in equilibrium the forces need to be

(A) coplanar only

(B) concurrent only

(C) coplanar as well as concurrent

(D) coplanar but may or not be concurrent


84-The number of links in a pantograph is

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6


85-Centrifugal governors are preferred to inertia type governors because an inertia governor

(A) has less controlling force

(B) is highly sensitive and more prone to hunting

(C) poses problems in the balancing of inertia forces

(D) has high initial and maintenance cost


86-For a shaft rotating inside a bearing of radius r, the radius of friction circle is equal to

(A) r

(B) r sinΦ

(C) r cosΦ

(D) r tanΦ


87-The area under stress-strain curve represents

(A) breaking strength of material

(B) toughness of material

(C) hardness of material

(D) energy required to cause failure


88-For a beam of length ‘l’ simply supported at its ends and carrying uniformly distributed load ‘w’ per unit length, maximum bending moment occurs at the centre of beam and is given by

(A) wl2/2

(B) wl2/4

(C) wl2/8

(D) wl3/8



78-(A), 79-(D), 80-(C), 81-(D), 82-(D), 83-(C), 84-(B), 85-(B), 86-(B), 87-(B), 88-(C)