Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on MS Word

11-Following is (are) the key(s) under Page layout menu

(A) Orientation

(B) Size

(C) Columns

(D) All of the above


12-For creating a hanging Indent, the short cut key is:

(A) Ctrl + I

(B) Ctrl + T

(C) Ctrl + H

(D) Ctrl + G


13-By default, tab stops move ___ space.

(A) 0.01”

(B) 0.05”

(C) 0.10”

(D) 0.50”


14-In drop cap option maximum lines can be set up is:

(A) 03

(B) 05

(C) 08

(D) 10


15-Which tool can be opted for a synonym word in a document?

(A) Auto text

(B) Replace

(C) Thesaurus

(D) Restore


16-Which is the function button for spelling and grammar?

(A) F3

(B) F5

(C) F7

(D) F9


17-Ctrl + Y is the short cut key for:

(A) Undo the last action

(B) Paste the selected text

(C) Cut the selected text

(D) Redo the last action


18-To give a slanted appearance to text in a document, which character formatting effect is applied?

(A) Bold

(B) Subscript

(C) Superscript

(D) Italic


19-For vertical arrangement of the contents of a table cell ____ option is used.

(A) Change case

(B) Justify

(C) Replace

(D) Text Direction


20-What is the short cut key to open dialog box?

(A) Shift + F12

(B) Alt + F12

(C) Ctrl + F12

(D) Ctrl + Shift + F12



11-(D), 12-(B), 13-(D), 14-(D), 15-(C), 16-(C), 17-(D), 18-(D), 19-(D), 20-(C)