Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on MS Word

21-Auto correct is the option to replace ___ words.

(A) Abbreviated

(B) Misspelled

(C) Lengthy

(D) Raised


22-What is the maximum number of columns in a table in word?

(A) 43

(B) 53

(C) 63

(D) 73


23-___ is used to reduce or enlarge the print.

(A) Landscape

(B) Portrait

(C) Superscript

(D) Scaling


24-For addition of a row at the end of a table, move the cursor at the end and use:

(A) Alt



(D) Shift


25-Which command is used to restore a sentence erased just now?



(C) Add

(D) Insert


26-How many font styles will appear in Font box in default?

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 6

(D) 8


27-Which is the short cut of ‘replace’?

(A) Ctrl + R

(B) Ctrl + F

(C) Ctrl + H

(D) Ctrl + Y


28-Ctrl + left arrow results:

(A) One character to the left

(B) One sentence to the left

(C) One word to the left

(D) None of the above


29-____ margin feature helps you format margins for back to back printing.

(A) Gutter

(B) Mirror

(C) Top

(D) Bottom


30-Pick out the odd one from the following:

(A) 1 line space

(B) 1.5 line space

(C) 2 line space

(D) 2.5 line space



21-(B), 22-(C), 23-(D), 24-(B), 25-(A), 26-(B), 27-(C), 28-(C), 29-(B), 30-(D)