Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Biology

11-In forensic examination of blood, separation and identification of serum proteins is done by

(A) DNA quantitation

(B) Precipitin methods

(C) Electrophoretic technique

(D) Rapid immunoassay


12-An example of multiple allele is

(A) Wool of sheep

(B) Rabbit Hair

(C) Human blood group

(D) None of the above


13-The longest part of the cell cycle

(A) Prophase

(B) Metaphase

(C) Interphase

(D) Telophase


14-In haemoglobin, following is same in all the animals

(A) Globin part

(B) Heme part


(D) None of above


15-Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease is caused by

(A) Inversion in chromosome

(B) Translocation in chromosome

(C) Duplication in chromosome

(D) Deletion in chromosome


16-A pairing of homologs is taking place in a process of

(A) Cytokinesis

(B) Cleavage

(C) Meiosis

(D) Mitosis


17-‘ABO’ system of blood measures the

(A) Protein

(B) Sugar

(C) Antibody

(D) Antigens


18-When two different chromosomes have exchanged fragments with each other, it is called

(A) Reciprocal translocations

(B) Robertsonian translocations

(C) Inversion

(D) Duplication


19-Opium, the narcotic drug obtained from Poppy plant is

(A) Dried milky latex

(B) Its leaf extract

(C) Extract from flower petals

(D) Its fruit extract


20-Following test is done to detect the presence of sperm

(A) The microscopic detection of sperm

(B) The acid phosphatase test

(C) By Prostate-Specific Antigen

(D) All of above



11-(C), 12-(C), 13-(C), 14-(B), 15-(C), 16-(C), 17-(D), 18-(A), 19-(A), 20-(D)