Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Biology

21-When the codon for one amino acid is replaced by a codon for another amino acid, it is called

(A) Translocation

(B) Nonsense mutation

(C) Silent mutation

(D) Missense mutation


22-For the age group 14-20, dental age estimation methods rely on development of which tooth?

(A) Third molar

(B) Second molar

(C) First molar

(D) First premolar


23-Double swab technique is generally used in forensic science for identification of

(A) Vaginal secretion

(B) Semen

(C) Urine

(D) Saliva


24-Following method is used for mutant selection

(A) Ames test

(B) Replica plating

(C) Penicillin enrichment

(D) All of the above


25-. In which of these following hair in the body regions, the medulla portion is very broad and continuous?

(A) Limb hair

(B) Pubic hair

(C) Moustache hair

(D) Scalp Hair


26-Antigens may either be proteins or

(A) Vitamins

(B) Polysaccharides

(C) Minerals

(D) Fatty acids


27-Following is an example of Frame shift mutation

(A) Addition

(B) Duplication

(C) Deletion

(D) Translocation


28-The ‘‘heart’’ of the hair shaft is

(A) Cuticle

(B) Medulla

(C) Cortex

(D) None of above


29-Teichoic Acids is absent in case of

(A) Fungi

(B) Gram negative bacteria

(C) Gram positive bacteria

(D) None of above


30-Followin are the mutations are those that arise in the absence of mutagen treatment

(A) Nonsense mutation

(B) Spontaneous mutation

(C) Induced mutation

(D) Silent mutation



21-(D), 22-(A), 23-(D), 24-(D), 25-(C), 26-(B), 27-(C), 28-(B), 29-(B), 30-(B)