Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Biology

31-For brown-red/black hair following pigment is responsible

(A) Phaeomelanin

(B) Eumelanin

(C) Neuromelanin

(D) All of the above


32-Diatomaceous earth is applied in one of the

(A) Cold sterilization

(B) Dry heat sterilization

(C) Wet heat sterilization

(D) Filtration method


33-Mutagens act by the mechanism is known as

(A) Base damage

(B) Base replacement

(C) Base alteration

(D) All of the above


34-Predominant species of insects used in forensic entomology are generally from the group of

(A) Muscidae

(B) Sarcophagidae

(C) Calliphoridae

(D) All of the above


35-The chemical substances which are used to kill or deactivate pathogenic microorganisms are

(A) Probiotics

(B) Pesticides

(C) Disinfectants

(D) Antibiotics


36-Following are the Method of Dental Age Assessment

(A) Age assessment using the third molar development

(B) Age assessment using the Schour and Massler method

(C) Age assessment using the Gustafson and Koch approach

(D) All of the above


37-Gaucher’s disease is the most common of the diseases happen due to the storage of

(A) Ribosomes

(B) Lysosomes

(C) Proteins

(D) Carbohydrates


38-One of the major bacteria causing food-borne diseases in humans are

(A) Staphylococcus aureus

(B) Lactobacillus brevis

(C) Lactobacillus acidophilu

(D) Lactobacillus casei


39-The RNA that serve as the genomic blue print that normally is encoded in DNA is found in

(A) Algae

(B) Bacteria

(C) Virus

(D) Fungi


40-The overall three-dimensional shape of an entire protein molecule is the

(A) Quaternary structure

(B) Tertiary structure

(C) Primary structure

(D) Secondary



31-(B), 32-(D), 33-(D), 34-(D), 35-(C), 36-(D), 37-(B), 38-(A), 39-(C), 40-(B)