Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Biology

41-Diseases of Typhus and Q fever are caused by

(A) Snake toxin

(B) Fungi

(C) Rickettsia organisms

(D) Virus


42-Replication of DNA takes place during the

(A) M Phase

(B) S Phase

(C) G2 Phase

(D) G1 Phase


43-On the basis of their degree of polymerization, carbohydrates can be classified as

(A) Simple and complex sugar

(B) Simple sugar

(C) Complex sugar

(D) None of above


44-The Protista which are

(A) Not animals, plants or fungi

(B) Fungi

(C) Plants

(D) Animals


45-DNA can be quantified by using following technique

(A) PicoGreen

(B) Real time PCR

(C) Slot blot

(D) All of the above


46-A compound which causes rotation of polarized light to the right is said

(A) To be racemic

(B) To be dextrorotatory

(C) To be levorotatory

(D) To be mutarotatory


47-Fungi store a carbohydrate in a form of

(A) Galactose

(B) Starch

(C) Glycogen

(D) Fructose


48-In Forensic DNA analysis, following technology is applied

(A) Sanger dideoxy sequencing

(B) Capillary electrophoresis

(C) Pyrosequencing

(D) All of the above


49-A molecule of a starch is containing a

(A) Beta glucose

(B) Alpha glucose

(C) Galactose

(D) Mannose


50-Location of chromosome where the gene is found is called

(A) Allele

(B) Locus

(C) Stretch of DNA

(D) Stretch of RNA



41-(C), 42-(B), 43-(A), 44-(A), 45-(D), 46-(B), 47-(C), 48-(D), 49-(B), 50-(B)