Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Engineering Materials

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Engineering Materials

1-The following materials can store electrical energy

(A) dielectric materials

(B) magnetic materials

(C) semi conductors

(D) super conductors


2-The dielectric constant of air is practically taken as

(A) >1

(B) =1

(C) <1

(D) =0


3-Gold, Silver and Copper are

(A) low resistivity conductors

(B) dielectric materials

(C) magnetic materials

(D) good insulators


4-The following material has lowest resistivity

(A) Gold

(B) Copper

(C) Nichrome

(D) Aluminium


5-Ceramics are good

(A) Conductors

(B) Insulators

(C) Superconductors

(D) Magnetic materials


6-_____ is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance

(A) Semi conductivity

(B) Magnetism

(C) Superconductivity

(D) None of the above


7-The critical temperature above which ferromagnetic materials loose their magnetic property is known as

(A) Curie point

(B) Hysteresis

(C) Transition temperature

(D) Recrystallization temperature


8-In which of the following types of materials, holes are majority carriers

(A) N-type semiconductors

(B) P-type semiconductors

(C) Superconductors

(D) Insulators


9-Germanium possesses

(A) One valence electron

(B) Two valence electrons

(C) Three valence electrons

(D) Four valence electrons


10- Dielectric constant of vacuum is

(A) Infinity

(B) 50

(C) One

(D) 0