Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English

11-Many people ___ the poor.

(A) looked ahead to

(B) looked forward to

(C) looked on to

(D) looked down on


12-The announcement of the results ___ awaited.

(A) are

(B) is

(C) were

(D) am


13-He works eight hours __ day.

(A) the

(B) one

(C) an

(D) a


14-Nothing ___ disturbs his sleep.

(A) never

(B) everytime

(C) sometimes

(D) ever


15-The older he got ___ he became

(A) more happier

(B) happier

(C) the happier

(D) the happy


16-The umbrella is ___ .

(A) your

(B) my

(C) yours

(D) them


17-____ football is my favorite pass time.

(A) Play

(B) Played

(C) Playing

(D) Plays


18-I cannot ___ what he is saying.

(A) make in

(B) put-off

(C) make out

(D) put up


19-Either the students or their teacher ___ come.

(A) has been

(B) have

(C) has

(D) had been


20-Out of his two sons James is the ___

(A) taller

(B) tallest

(C) tall

(D) taller than



11-(D), 12-(B), 13-(D), 14-(D), 15-(C), 16-(C), 17-(C), A8-(C), 19-(C), 20-(A)