Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English

21-___ novel that you gave me is very interesting.

(A) An

(B) A

(C) Those

(D) The


22-___ he borrow the money yesterday?

(A) Did

(B) Does

(C) Can

(D) Would


23-I am not late, ___ I?

(A) was

(B) is

(C) are

(D) am


24-Have you ___ money on you?

(A) sure

(B) any

(C) such

(D) their


25-When I arrived at the school, the bell ___

(A) rang

(B) ring

(C) had rung

(D) running


26-If it rains, we ___ the game.

(A) should postpone

(B) shall postpone

(C) could postpone

(D) had postponed


27-She had a passion ___ dance.

(A) to

(B) with

(C) of

(D) for


28-My mother asked me ___ I had not finished the work.

(A) whether

(B) when

(C) how

(D) why


29-He is as ___ as a  bee.

(A) tricky

(B) greedy

(C) fresh

(D) nimble


30-He took revenge ___ his foes.

(A) for

(B) on

(C) by

(D) in



21-(D), 22-(A), 23-(D), 24-(B), 25-(A), 26-(A), 27-(C), 28-(A), 29-(C), 30-(A)