Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English

31-He admitted his ___ .

(A) guilty

(B) innocent

(C) guilt

(D) happy


32-If you had been more polite, ___

(A) he would have agreed

(B) he could agree

(C) he would agree

(D) he has agreed


33-We ___ all yesterday

(A) have worked

(B) were worked

(C) has worked

(D) worked


34-I am not at all satisfied ___ ?

(A) aren’t I

(B) am I

(C) are I

(D) amn’t I


35-The feminine gender of ‘milkman’ is:

(A) milkmaid

(B) milkwoman

(C) milklady

(D) milkgirl


36-“Complete the saying” Well begun is ____

(A) full completed

(B) just started

(C) not started

(D) half done


37-He is ___ university graduate.

(A) a

(B) an

(C) the

(D) of


38-The trip was ___ exciting that we did not feel any sense of boredom.

(A) too

(B) much

(C) very

(D) so


39-The criminal as well as his accomplice ___ arrested.

(A) was

(B) were

(C) have been

(D) are being


40-Mary was an ___ of Reed.

(A) alumnus

(B) alumnae

(C) alumni

(D) alumna



31-(C), 32-(A), 33-(A), 34-(B), 35-(A), 36-(D), 37-(A), 38-(D), 39-(C), 40-(D)