Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English

41-I am fond ___ reading books.

(A) in

(B) on

(C) of

(D) at


42-He knows nobody in the country. ___ ?

(A) does he

(B) did he

(C) doesn’t he

(D) didn’t he


43-Seventy Kilos ___ not what they want.

(A) has

(B) have

(C) is

(D) are


44-Dev is ___ that Rani.

(A) old

(B) more old

(C) elder

(D) older


45-He said that he ___ a poem.

(A) has written

(B) was writing

(C) will write

(D) is writing


46-Jane reached there ___ 8’O clock.

(A) on

(B) for

(C) in

(D) at


47-There is ___ money in the purse. It is empty.

(A) little

(B) a little

(C) few

(D) a few


48-He has ___ his habit of smoking.

(A) given out

(B) given back

(C) given up

(D) given away


49-Many ___ are grazing in the field.

(A) sheeves

(B) sheep

(C) sheeps

(D) sheepe


50-He pointed ___ the tree.

(A) at

(B) in

(C) on

(D) up



41-(C), 42-(C), 43-(C), 44-(D), 45-(A), 46-(D), 47-(B), 48-(C), 49-(B), 50-(A)