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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Microbiology

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Microbiology

1- VDRL test is the example of

(A) Agglutination Reaction

(B) Immunofluorescence

(C) Slide Flocculation Test

(D) None of the above


2- Contamination of contact lenses could lead to eye infection with :

(A) Acanthamoeba

(B) Entamoeba coli

(C) Onchocerca volvulus

(D) Toxocara canis


3- Which of the following virus can cause cervical cancer?

(A) Human Papilloma virus

(B) Herpes simplex Virus

(C) Epstein Barr virus

(D) Norwalk virus


4- Which organism is considered an index of fecal pollution of drinking water supplies?

(A) Rota Virus

(B) E. coli

(C) Salmonella spp.

(D) Hepatitis E virus


5- In malaria, the form of plasmodia that is transmitted from mosquito to human is

(A) Sporozoite

(B) Gametocyte

(C) Merozoite

(D) Hypnozoite


6- Antigenic Shift is seen in

(A) smallpox virus

(B) Influenza virus

(C) herpes virus

(D) measles


7- Multi drug resistance is spread by :

(A) Transformation

(B) Transduction

(C) Mutation

(D) Conjugation


8- Casoni’s Test is diagnostic for

(A) Ascariasis

(B) Hydatid Disease

(C) Anemia

(D) Hepatitis


9- Diagnosis of Typhoid fever in the second week is by

(A) Widal test

(B) Urine culture

(C) Stool culture

(D) Blood culture


10- Father of Microbiology is:

(A) Edward Jenner

(B) Robert Koch

(C) Louis Pasteur

(D) Ehrlich



1-(C), 2-(A), 3-(A), 4-(B), 5-(A), 6-(B), 7-(D), 8-(B), 9-(A), 10-(C)