Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Press Working

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Press Working

1-Presses are generally employed in ___ production of ___ components.

(A) mass, identical

(B) mass, dissimilar

(C) job, identical

(D) job, dissimilar


2-Which of the following is power press?

(A) hand press

(B) fly press

(C) hydraulic press

(D) all of the above


3-In press, which of the following mechanism used for applying power to ram.

(A) Rack and pinion

(B) Pneumatic

(C) Hydraulic

(D) All of the above


4-The press can be used for

(A) Shearing

(B) Extruding

(C) Forging

(D) All of the above


5-In fly press, the ram is moved by means of a

(A) crankshaft

(B) screw

(C) both (A) and (B)

(D) none of the above


6-An intermediate shaft is used in

(A) Flywheel driven press

(B) Single-geared drive press

(C) Double geared drive press

(D) All of the above


7-Which type of belt is used in Single geared drive press

(A) Flat belt

(B) Round belt

(C) V-belt

(D) Timing belt


8-In which of the following type(s) of press(es), clutch is used

(A) Direct drive press

(B) Non geared or Flywheel driven press

(C) Single geared drive press

(D) All of the above


9-In a crank press the connecting rod, which connects the ram and crankshaft, is known as

(A) pitman

(B) camshaft

(C) pushrod

(D) none of the above


10-A thick plate fastened to the bed of the press which supports and holds the die assembly, is known as

(A) supporting plate

(B) Bolster plate

(C) holding plate

(D) rigid plate


11-The size of press is expressed in terms of

(A) Its stroke length

(B) The maximum force its ram can exert

(C) Die space

(D) Ram speed


12-The total opening between the ram and the bed when the ram is in its extreme down position

(A) Stroke length

(B) Die space

(C) Shut height

(D) Press adjustment


13-Ram speed is calculated as

(A) Meters/minutes

(B) Rounds per minute

(C) Strokes per minute

(D) None of the above



1-(A), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(D), 5-(B), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(A), 10-(B), 11-(B), 12-(C), 13-(C)