Multiple choice questions (MCQ) on Speed, distance and time

Multiple choice questions (MCQ) on Speed, distance and time

1. A train of length 150 m takes 10s to cross another train 100 m long coming from the opposite direction. If the speed of first train is 30 kmph, what is the speed of second train?

a. 72 kmph        b. 60 kmph       c. 54 kmph        d. 48 kmph


2. Two persons P and Q start at the same time from city A for city B, 60 km away. P travels 4 km/hr slower than Q. Q reaches city B and at once turns back meeting P, 12 km from city B. What is the speed of P?

a. 8 km/hr         b. 12 km/hr       c. 16 km/hr        d. 20 km/hr


3. A boy walks from his house to school at 2.5 km/hr and arrives 12 minutes late. The next day he walks at 4 km/hr and reaches the school 15 minutes earlier. What is the distance from his house to school?

a. 2 km             b. 2.5 km          c. 3 km             d. 3.5 km


4. A person travelled by train for 1 hour at a speed of 50 kmph. He then travelled by a taxi for 30 minutes at a speed of 32 kmph to complete his journey. What is the average speed at which he travelled during the journey?

a. 44 kmph                    b. 42 kmph                   c. 41 kmph                    d. 33 kmph


5. The earth takes 24 hours to rotate about its own axis. Through what angle will it turn in 4 hours and 12 minutes?

a. 63 degree                  b. 64 degree                 c. 65 degree                  d. 70 degree


6. A train 280 m long is moving at a speed of 60 kmph. What is the time taken by the train to cross a platform 220 m long?

a. 45 s              b. 40 s              c. 35 s              d. 30 s


7. A student moves √2 x km east from his residence and then moves x km north. He then goes x km north-east and finally he takes a turn of 90 degrees towards right and moves a distance x km and reaches his school. What is the shortest distance of the school from his residence?

a. (2√2+1)x km  b. 3 x km          c. 2√2 x km                   d. 3√2 x km


8. A car travels along the four sides of a square at speeds v, 2v, 3v and 4v respectively. If u is the average speed of the car in its travel around the square, then which one of the following is correct?

a. u = 2.25v                   b. u = 3v           c. v ˂ u ˂ 2v                 d. 3v ˂ u ˂ 4v


9. A bus travelling at a speed of 40 kmph reaches its destination in 8 minutes and 15 seconds. How far is the destination?

a. 5.43 km         b. 5.44 km        c. 5.50 km         d. 9.06 km


10. A person travels 12 km due North, then 15 km due East, after that 15 km due West and then 18 km due South. How far is he from the starting point?

a. 6 km             b. 12 km           c. 33 km           d. 60 km


11. Two trains leave New Delhi at the same time. One travels north at 60 kmph and the other travels south at 40 kmph. After how many hours will the train be 150 km apart?

a. 3/2                b. 4/3                c. ¾                  d. 15/2


12. Running at a speed of 60 kmph, a train passed through a 1.5 km long tunnel in two minutes. What is the length of the train?

a. 250 m           b. 500 m           c. 1000 m          d. 1500 m


13. Three men start together to travel the same way around a circular track of 11 km. Their speeds are 4, 5.5 and 8 kmph respectively. When will they meet at the starting point for the first time?

a. after 11 hours            b. after 21 hours            c. after 22 hours            d. after 33 hours


14. A train, which is 150 m long passes a platform of 200 m in 15 seconds. What is the speed of the train?

a. 36 kmph        b. 64 kmph       c. 84 kmph        d. 91 kmph


15. Ms X drove at the speed of 45 kmph from home to a resort. Returning over the same route she got struck in traffic and took an hour longer, also she could drive only at the speed of 40 kmph. How many kilometres did she drive each way?

a. 250               b. 300               c. 310               d. 360


16. A person moves along a circular path by a distance equal to half the circumference in a given time. The ratio of his average speed to his average velocity is:

a. 0.5                b. 0.5П             c. 0.75П            d. 1.0


17. ’R’ walks 1 km to east and then turns to south and walks 5 km. Again he turns to east and walks 2 km. After this he turns to north and walks 9 km. How far is he from his starting point?

a. 3 km             b. 4 km c. 5 km             d. 7 km


18. A starts from a place at 7 a.m. with a speed of 10 km per hour. B starts from the same place at 9 a.m. with a speed of 15 km per hour. When will B meet A?

a. 2 p.m.           b. 1 p.m.           c. 3 p.m.           d. 12 noon


19. If a bus travels 160 km in 4 hours and a train travels 320 km in 5 hours at uniform speeds then what is the ratio of the distances travelled by them in one hour?

a. 8:5                b. 5:8                c. 4:5                d. 1:2


20. Three persons start walking together and their steps measure 40 cm, 42 cm and 45 cm respectively. What is the minimum distance each should walk so that each can cover the same distance in complete steps?

a. 25 m 20 cm               b. 50 m 40 cm               c. 75 m 60 cm              d. 100 m 80 cm


21. A car covers a distance of 178.2 km in 4.4 hours. The distance (in km) covered by the car in 1.2 hours is

a. 40.7              b. 48.6              c. 50.2              d. 40.5


22. A man goes from Mumbai to Bangalore at a uniform speed of 40 kmph and comes backs to Mumabi at a uniform speed of 60 kmph. His average speed for the whole journey is

a. 48 kmph                    b. 50 kmph                   c. 52 kmph                    d. 45 kmph


23. Two trains of lengths 70 metre and 80 metre are running at a speed of 68 kmph and 40 kmph respectively on parallel tracks in opposite directions. In how many seconds will they pass each other?

a. 5                   b. 7                              c. 2                   d. 10