Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on General Aptitude

55-Ashima spends 25% of her salary on housing, 25% on food, 10% on clothing, 20% on fuel and rest on miscellaneous items. If she spends Rs. 2500 on miscellaneous items, her salary is

(A) Rs. 10,500

(B) Rs. 11,500

(C) Rs. 12,500

(D) Rs. 13,500

(Ans: C)


56-Using the word “BHUTAN”, how many words can be formed if all words must begin with the letter “U”?

(A) 720

(B) 540

(C) 120

(D) 60

(Ans: C)


57-Which of the following fractions is less than 3/4 ?

(A) 2/3

(B) 5/6

(C) 7/8

(D) 8/9

(Ans: A)


58-A worker is paid at a rate of Rs. 10 per hour and ½ the rate for any hours worked over 7 hours in a day. If the consultant started working at 9:00 (A)M. and left work at 8:18 P.M with 30 minutes lunch break in between. How much will he get paid for that day?

(A) Rs. 87

(B) Rs. 89

(C) Rs. 100

(D) Rs. 110

(Ans: B)


59-A toy store sold 560 toys on 1st day and 800 toys on 2nd day. What is the percent increase in the number of toys sold by the store?

(A) 30%

(B) 43%

(C) 70%

(D) 143%

(Ans: B)


60-Factor and solve 2x^2-5x+3 = 0

(A) (x=5, x=3)

(B) (x=1, x=3/2)

(C) (x= -1, x= -3)

(D) (x= -2, x= -3/2)

(Ans: B)


61-Convert 135 degrees into radians

(A) 2π

(B) 3π/4

(C) 4π/3

(D) π/2

(Ans: B)


62-The volume of a cylinder with a radius of 3 cm and height of 4 cm is

(A) 36 cm3

(B) 75.36 cm3

(C) 113.11 cm3

(D) 150.72 cm3

(Ans: C)


63-A wire is bent to form a square and the area of a square is 100 cm sq, if the same wire is then used to form a circle, the radius of the circle will be

(A) 4.5 cm

(B) 5.6 cm

(C) 6.4 cm

(D) 10 cm

(Ans: C)


64-Anikate is 8 years older than her sister, if he is 29 years in 2013, in which year was his sister born.

(A) 1984

(B) 1992

(C) 1994

(D) 2005

(Ans: D)


65-Find the area of the shaded region

shaded region

(A) 30 cm sq

(B) 48 cm sq

(C) 63 cm sq

(D) 72 cm sq

(Ans: C)


66-The value of tan^-1(1) + cos^-1 (-1/2)+ sin^-1  (-1/2) is

(A) π/2

(B) 3π /4

(C) 2π/3

(D) π

(Ans: B)


67-Five teams from Kolkata’s Schools are participating in a Summer School Football League. If each team plays the other teams 2 times, the total number of games the League will play is ……..

(A) 10

(B) 20

(C) 30

(D) 40

(Ans: B)


68-Kamal needs to transport a dog, a duck and corn in a boat across a river. The boat is capable of transporting Kamal and one of the other three at each crossing. Kamal succeeded in crossing them all without letting the dog eat the duck or the duck eat the corn. Which of the following sequence of events made him possible in crossing them all safely?

(A) He transports the duck. He returns to get the dog, transports the dog but brings back the duck. He leaves the duck on shore and crosses with corn. He leaves corn with the dog and returns to get the duck.

(B) He transports the dog. He returns to get the duck, transports the duck but brings back the dog. He leaves the dog on shore and crosses with corn. He leaves corn with the duck and returns to get the dog.

(C) He transports the corn. He returns to get the dog, transports the dog but brings back corn. He leaves corn on shore and crosses with the duck. He leaves the duck with the dog and returns to get corn.

(D) He ties the dog to a tree and transports the corn. He returns to get the duck, transports the duck. He returns to get the dog.

(Ans: A)


69-Ravi pays 50% of his monthly income as house rent and 25% as loan repayment. He spends Rs. 2,000 on food and drinks. He still saves Rs. 5,000 per month and deposits into his saving account. What is Ravi’s monthly income?

(A) Rs. 35,000

(B) Rs. 33,000

(C) Rs. 30,000

(D) Rs. 28,000

(Ans: D)


70-In a classroom of 125 students, 75 are male students. What percent of the classroom is female?

(A) 60%

(B) 40%

(C) 0.6%

(D) 0.4%

(Ans: B)


71-Sonal and Prerna were given an apple pie each. Sonal ate 2/3 of the pie and Prerna ate 3/4 . What portion of the pie did they eat altogether?

(A) More than one pie

(B) Less than half a pie

(C) Three sixth of a pie

(D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

(Ans: A)


72-The price of a commodity increased 8 points, then decreased 13 points, and then increased 9 points. If the commodity price before the changes was x points, which of the following was the commodity price, in points, after the changes?

(A) x-5

(B) x-4

(C) x+5

(D) x+4

(Ans: D)


73-Which number should be in next series?


(A) 21

(B) 26

(C) 31

(D) 41

(Ans: A)


74-Prem, who is sixteen years old, is four times as old as her brother Ajay. How old will Prem be when Prem is twice as old as her brother Ajay?

(A) 20

(B) 24

(C) 26

(D) 28

(Ans: B)


75-Choose the number that is 1/4 of half of 1/5 of 200?

(A) 40

(B) 20

(C) 10

(D) 5

(Ans: D)


76-If you arrange the letters “LNGEDNA” you have the name of a (n):

(A) Mountain

(B) Country

(C) Ocean

(D) Continent

(Ans: B)


77-You as a Professor have to be at college by 8.00. Assume it takes you 15 minutes to get dressed, 20 minutes to eat and 35 minutes to walk to school. What time should you get up every morning to get to school on time?

(A) 7:50 am

(B) 5:30 am

(C) 6:00 am

(D) 6:50 am

(Ans: D)


78-If you start with a one digit integer, multiply by 3, add 8, divide by 2 and subtract 6, you will get the integer back. Is the integer

(A) 3

(B) 5

(C) 4

(D) 2

(Ans: C)


79-If 7 cats can catch 7 rats in 7 minutes. How many cats does it take to catch 140 rats in 140 minutes?

(A) 20 cats

(B) 15 cats

(C) 10 cats

(D) 7 cats

(Ans: D)


80-You are the sports custodians in your school and you have to arrange a tennis match for 16 players for the monsoon season. If there can be no draws how many games must be played if each player can be eliminated by one loss?

(A) 12 games

(B) 14 games

(C) 16 games

(D) 15 games

(Ans: D)


81-Your boss asks you for a word that he/she can use in place of “change”. Which of the following would you give?

(A) allure

(B) altar

(C) allude

(D) alter

(Ans: D)