Multiple Choice Questions on Business Management

Multiple Choice Questions on Business Management. MCQ on Business management and studies. Objective type questions on business management (MBA).

1- Professional managers help organizations in chalking out which type of strategies?

(A) Corporate

(B) Managerial

(C) Operation

(D) Growth


2- Feature(s) of Management is (are) as follows

(A) goal oriented

(B) universal

(C) continuous process 

(D) all of the above 


3- Management is multidisciplinary, it includes knowledge/ information from

(A) Economics

(B) Maths

(C) psychology

(D) all of the above 


4- The external environmental factors that influence management are

(A) economic changes

(B) political

(C) technological 

(D) all of the above 


5- Management is the combination of

(A) arts, science, political science 

(B) arts, science, profession 

(C) arts, history, profession

(D) geography, science, profession


6- The features of art is as follows

(A) skill

(B) knowledge

(C) creativity 

(D) all of the above 


7- Any discipline to be called as profession must fulfill the following conditions

(A) requires definite period of learning

(B) centralized rule making authority

(C) enforceable code of conduct 

(D) all of the above 


8- The contribution of the service sector to GDP has been less than proportionate to

(A) education

(B) population

(C) employment  

(D) all of the above


9- The scope for retailing in India is great as it is dominated by the________.

(A) unorganized sector

(B) organized sector

(C) private sector

(D) government sector


10- Events are occurrences designed for ________ interests.

(A) Marketing

(B) Entertainment

(C) Managerial

(D) All of the above


11- The objective(s) in corporate governance is (are)

(A) growth

(B) stability

(C) shareholders value maximization 

(D) all of the above 


12- Individuals are encouraged to develop ___ to speak out, to challenge actions.

(A) knowledge

(B) ideas

(C) skill

(D) all of the above



1-(A), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(D), 5-(B), 6-(D), 7-(D), 8-(C), 9-(A), 10-(A), 11-(D), 12-(B)