Multiple Choice Questions on Compensation Management

Multiple Choice Questions on Compensation Management

1-In graduated time rates system, if basic salary is Rs.2000 and dearness allowance is 150% then total remuneration will be :-

(A) Rs. 4,000/-

(B) Rs. 5,000/-

(C) Rs. 6,000/-

(D) Rs. 7,000/-

2-The Scanlon plan of profit sharing gives utmost importance to ________.

(A) Employee participation

(B) Employer’s participation

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above

3-Financial &/or quantitative statement prepared & approved prior to period of time is called:-

(A) Financial plan

(B) Financial statement

(C) Budget

(D) Finance bill

4-The ________ criterion is usually regarded as an automatic minimum equity pay criterion.

(A) Value of minimum wage

(B) Cost of living pay

(C) Nominal value

(D) None of the above

5-Wages of security men in a production unit comes under:-

(A) Indirect labour

(B) Direct labour

(C) Miscellaneous cost

(D) None of the above

6-Persons interested in enhancing their reputations and receiving recognition may respond to ________.

(A) Verbal praise

(B) Treats

(C) Awards

(D) All of the above

7-Characteristic of a good compensation system is:-

(A) Higher the qualification of worker, higher is compensation

(B) Higher the efficiency of worker, higher is compensation

(C) Higher the rank of worker, higher is compensation

(D) All of the above

8-The institutions of marriage and family are also to be found in every:-

(A) Society

(B) State

(C) Country

(D) None of the above

9-Hospitality industries includes:-

(A) Hospitals

(B) Hotels

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) Banks

10-For higher management, ________ are influenced by the size of a company, specific industry and the process of decision making.

(A) Bonuses

(B) Promotions

(C) Salaries

(D) All of the above


1-(B), 2-(A), 3-(C), 4-(B), 5-(A), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(B), 10-(C)