Multiple Choice Questions on General Awareness

Multiple Choice Questions on General Awareness

1-The age limit of the competitions for Modern Olympic games, is

(A) 18 years

(B) 20 years

(C) 25 years

(D) No age limit


2-Supreme controlling body for the modern Olympic games, is

(A) International Athletic Federation

(B) International Olympic Athletic Association

(C) International Olympic Committee

(D) International Olympic Association


3-The next stage of infancy is

(A) Old age

(B) Adolescence

(C) Adult

(D) Childhood


4-Respiratory rate is

(A) 3-4 breaths/min

(B) 4-5 breaths/min

(C) 7-8 breaths/min

(D) 10-11 breaths/min


5-Wisdom tooth grows at the age of

(A) 05 years

(B) 08 years

(C) 12 years

(D) 16 years


6-How many bones are there in the human body?

(A) 196

(B) 206

(C) 216

(D) 226


7-Tuberculosis is caused by

(A) virus

(B) lack of vitamins in blood

(C) female anopheles

(D) flies


8-Rheumatism is caused by

(A) improper diet

(B) flies

(C) microbes

(D) virus


9-International Yoga Day is observed on

(A) 20th May

(B) 21st May

(C) 20th June

(D) 21st June


10-The International Olympic Committee was formed in

(A) 1874

(B) 1884

(C) 1894

(D) 1904


11-Who is the father of modern Olympic game?

(A) Baron Piere de Coubertin

(B) Corebus

(C) Zappas

(D) George Averoff


12-A brain consists of

(A) 2 parts

(B) 3 parts

(C) 4 parts

(D) 5 parts


13-The term which is applied for the study of joints is

(A) Arthrology

(B) Osteology

(C) Myology

(D) Histology


14-The science which deals with treatment for disorders and injuries of bone and joints, is called

(A) Oncology

(B) Orthopedics

(C) Psychiatrics

(D) Pediatrics


15-Hepatitis virus attacks

(A) Gall bladder

(B) Lung

(C) Liver

(D) Intestine


16-Protein contain

(A) carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen

(B) hydrogen, carbon and oxygen

(C) nitrogen and oxygen

(D) oxygen and hydrogen



1-(D), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(C), 11-(A), 12-(D), 13-(A), 14-(B), 15-(C), 16-(A)