General Studies

Multiple Choice Questions on General English

12- The eagle was _______ than the bluebird.

(A) big

(B) bigger

(C) biggest

(D) more bigger


13- He _______ plucked the flower.

(A) gentely

(B) gently

(C) gentily

(D) genteley


14- _______ children get older, their questions get harder to answer.

(A) As

(B) Because of

(C) However

(D) In case


15- _______ laws for protection, many of the aquatic habitats and species are still in danger.

(A) Even though

(B) Because

(C) Despite

(D) Whereas


16- He’s still sleeping, _______

(A) is he?

(B) isn’t he?

(C) didn’t he?

(D) don’t he?


17- His theories are too complex that only _______ people understand them.

(A) a few

(B) few

(C) a little

(D) little


18- Give the roses _______ water every day if you don’t want them to die.

(A) a few

(B) few

(C) a little

(D) little


19- There are _______ potatoes in the cupboard, but I don’t have _______ carrots, I need to buy some.

(A) no, a few

(B) some, any

(C) any, a little

(D) many, much


20- Did he invite you? (change the voice)

(A) Was you invited by him?

(B) He invited you?

(C) Were you invited by him?

(D) Didn’t he invite you?


21- He had read a book. (Change the voice)

(A) A book has been read by him.

(B) A book have been read by him.

(C) A book had been read by him.

(D) A book was read by him.


22- Do it tomorrow. (Change the voice)

(A) You can do it tomorrow.

(B) Let it be done tomorrow.

(C) You can do it the next day.

(D) The work can be done on some other day.



12-(B), 13-(B), 14-(A), 15-(C), 16-(B), 17-(A), 18-(C), 19-(B), 20-(C), 21-(C), 22-(B)