General Studies

Multiple Choice Questions on Mining

101- In an opencast mine, bench failure has occurred in which a triangular portion has come out. The type of failure is

(A) Curved failure

(B) Wedge failure

(C) Toppling up

(D) Triangular failure


102- What is pop shooting?

(A) To drill a hole into the boulder and blast

(B) To blast a hole with subgrade drilling

(C) To blast a hole with air deck

(D) None of the above


103- Which of the following is not a safety  feature of Belt conveyors?

(A) Limit switch

(B) Pull cord Switch

(C) Hold back

(D) Vulcanizing device


104- Which of the following is not related to jack hammer

(A) Riffle nut

(B) Throttle valve

(C) Screw feed

(D) Ratchet mechanism


105- Place in a mine susceptible to more accidents than other is known as

(A) Dangerous area

(B) Accident proneness

(C) Person negligence

(D) Meager possibility


106- Which of the following is a modern method of training

(A) Training using at trainer

(B) Demonstration of new machine

(C) Simulator training

(D) Working as assistance to operator


107- Amount of explosive to be charged in a single shot hole is not dependent on

(A) Nature of rock to be broken

(B) Hole depth

(C) Diameter of hole

(D) Type of drilling machine


108- Which of the following term is not used to describe fault in connection with rock?

(A) Gradient

(B) Hade

(C) Up throw

(D) Down throw


109- Which of the following is not the duty of shotfirer

(A) Charging of hole

(B) Stemming of hole

(C) Drilling of hole

(D) Firing of explosive


110- Which of the following is the cause of “Slope failure”

(A) Bench width

(B) Presence of faults

(C) Drill hole diameter

(D) Stripping ratio


111- Which of the following term is related with opencast mines

(A) Bench Angle

(B) Gallery

(C) Panel

(D) Goaf


112- The machine used for pushing loose material or for digging in earth is

(A) Scraper

(B) Shovel

(C) Dragline

(D) Dozer


113- More number of near misses during the work may trap the worker in

(A) Abandoned section of a mine

(B) An accident

(C) Promotion in the job

(D) Debris


114- Monitoring safety and health of mine worker is a safety management function, comes under

(A) Controlling for the Safety

(B) Motivation for the Safety

(C) Assignment of responsibility

(D) Preparation of emergency plan


115- Relay is a

(A) Blasting device system

(B) Shock initiation system

(C) Combustion device system

(D) None of the above


116- When the mouth of the blasting hole is covered by heavy steel sheet, such blasting is known as

(A) Chamber blasting

(B) Muffled blasting

(C) Cushion blasting

(D) Deck blasting  


117- Which of the following factor is considered for the improved fragmentation?

(A) Type of explosive

(B) Blasting pattern

(C) Delay interval

(D) All of the above


118- Protective equipment and guards provided, but not used is

(A) Cumbersome method

(B) Lack of awareness

(C) Unsafe act

(D) Bad attitude


119- Which of the firing pattern is not used in opencast blasting

(A) Inline pattern

(B) Diagonal pattern

(C) V pattern

(D) Burn cut firing pattern


120- Safety Management is a process of assuming acceptable levels of

(A) Safety performance at the work places

(B) Miner capacity for the work

(C) Machine management in mine

(D) Personal Management



101-(B), 102-(A), 103-(D), 104-(C), 105-(B), 106-(C), 107-(D), 108-(A), 109-(C), 110-(B), 111-(A), 112-(D), 113-(B), 114-(A), 115-(B), 116-(B), 117-(D), 118-(C), 119-(D), 120-(A)