General Studies

Multiple Choice Questions on Mining

121- Failure to explode entire charge of a hole is…

(A) Burning shot

(B) Thrown out shot

(C) Misfire shot

(D) None of the above


122- Planning for safety includes

(A) Establishing the policy and setting goals

(B) Encouraging leadership

(C) Giving gifts to workers

(D) Appointment of competent persons


123- Insufficient length of stemming may lead to

(A) High powder factor

(B) Blown out shots

(C) Misfire shot

(D) None of the above


124- Ignorance of rules, negligent at work and habit of using shortcuts to works are amount to

(A) Unsafe attitude

(B) Unsafe conditions

(C) Working for achieving good productivity

(D) Earning gifts


125- The length of shot firing cable in open cast mine should not be less than?

(A) 18 m

(B) 30 m

(C) 40 m

(D) 50 m


126- Safety week is observed in a mine for

(A) Promoting the safety awareness

(B) Inspection purpose

(C) Knowing violations

(D) Checking the behaviors of a worker


127- Which explosive is blasted by safety fuse?

(A) NG

(B) Slurry


(D) Gunpowder


128- Consequences of high risk in a mine may lead to

(A) Abandoning the mine section

(B) Workers loose interest in job

(C) More lives lost or injuries

(D) More reserves lost


129- Which of the following statement is not correct

(A) Controlled blasting is done to avoid fly rock

(B) Secondary blasting is done for big size boulders

(C) Secondary blasting is done to avoid the toe formation

(D) Stemming is required to avoid the blown out shots


130- Continuous exposure to the hazard is

(A) Working without break for entire shift at workplace

(B) Visiting work places many times

(C) Leaving the work place early after completion of job

(D) Inspection of workplaces when the problem occurs


131- The dumper/tipper operator shall use Audio Visual Alarm (AVA)

(A) While loading

(B) While marching

(C) While reversing

(D) While overtaking


132- The most effective method of training is

(A) Off-site training

(B) On-site training

(C) Online training

(D) Training at vocational center


133- In the context of surface mine development, a box cut is defined as

(A) The initial cut made to open a mine

(B) The final cut to close the mine

(C) Any cut which must look like an open box

(D) The cut to extend haul road



121-(C), 122-(A), 123-(B), 124-(A), 125-(B), 126-(A), 127-(D), 128-(C), 129-(C), 130-(A), 131-(C), 132-(B), 133-(A)