General Studies

Multiple Choice Questions on One-word substitute

Multiple Choice Questions on One-word substitute. One word questions and answers for competitive examinations.

1- medicine that kills germs

(a) insecticide

(b) fungicide

(c) germicide

(d) pesticide


2- one who kills the king

(a) regicide

(b) infanticide

(c) homicide

(d) fratricide


3- an animal that lives on fish

(a) non-vegetarian

(b) herbivore

(c) granivore

(d) piscivore


4- a person who worships one God

(a) theist

(b) monotheist

(c) polytheist

(d) atheist


5- one who loves mankind

(a) philanthropist

(b) misanthropist

(c) misogynist

(d) philogynist


6- beautiful writing

(a) biography

(b) nomography

(c) calligraphy

(d) autobiography


7- the study of languages

(a) physiology

(b) philology

(c) geology

(d) algology


8- that can be corrected

(a) corrigible

(b) incorrigible

(c) credible

(d) incredible


9- the science of living beings

(a) zoology

(b) biology

(c) geology

(d) botany


10- government by a few

(a) monarchy

(b) oligarchy

(c) democracy

(d) polyarchy


11- A statement that can have a double meaning.

(a) Verbose

(b) Epigraph

(c) Ambivalent

(d) Ambiguous


12- List of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting.

(a) Minutes

(b) Excerpts

(c) Agenda

(d) Proceedings


13- Regard for others as a principle of action.

(a) Altruism

(b) Nepotism

(c) Philanthropy

(d) Cynicism



1-(c), 2-(a), 3-(d), 4-(b), 5-(a), 6-(c), 7-(b), 8-(a), 9-(b), 10-(b), 11-(d), 12-(c), 13-(a)