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Multiple Choice Questions on Printing Technology

Multiple Choice Questions on Printing Technology. Multiple Choice Questions on Printing Press. Objective Type Questions with Answers on Printing Technology.

1- Labels are usually printed on small format flexo presses called as :

(A) Normal Web

(B) Wide Format Web

(C) Narrow Web

(D) Micro Web


2- The _______ is a circle that is 3/8 inch in diameter and has 72 wedges

(A) Dot Gain Scale

(B) Star Target

(C) Slur Gauge

(D) Colour Bar


3- Which of the following processes media in a roll that is transported by rollers and wraps itself around a roller that moves the media during exposure.

(A) Flatbed image setters

(B) Drum image setters

(C) Capstan image setters

(D) Digital image processing


4- Which of the following has great potential for development in process safety, user and automation, environmental compatibility etc.

(A) Advanced image processing

(B) Digital image processing

(C) Conventional image processing

(D) Hybrid image processing


5- Which of the following when increased, will reduce the tonal range of limited image and increase dot gain in offset printing.

(A) Screen Display

(B) Screen Collation

(C) Screen Ruling

(D) Screen Angle


6- Which of the following defines a uniform data structure and associated coding for the data that is necessary for the complete technical production?

(A) Press Production Format

(B) Print Production Format

(C) Print Creation Format

(D) Print Production Setup


7- Which of the following is necessary for judging the quality of multi-color print?

(A) Ammonia Proof

(B) Black & white Proof

(C) Duo tone Proof

(D) Color Proof


8- Which of the following is used in conventional offset process to separate image & non image areas:

(A) Aluminum Oxide

(B) Hydrochloric Acid

(C) Dampening Solution

(D) Ortho Phosphoric Acid


9- The ink film is ______ each time, while it transfers from one surface to another surface.

(A) Piled

(B) Split

(C) Washed up

(D) Overlapped


10- What is the PH value of the dampening solution?

(A) 5.2 to 5.4

(B) 4.7 to 5.7

(C) 3.8 to 5.6

(D) 4.8 to 5.5



1-(C), 2-(B), 3-(C), 4-(B), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(D), 8-(C), 9-(B), 10-(D)