Multiple Choice Questions on Production Engineering

Multiple Choice Questions on Production Engineering

1-Crater wear of single point cutting tool appears due to

(A) Impact

(B) Fatigue

(C) Diffusion

(D) Corrosion


2-Very accurate screw threads can be manufactured by

(A) Chasing

(B) Rolling

(C) Grinding

(D) Milling


3-Continuous chips are formed during machining when

(A) speed is low, feed is high

(B) speed is high, feed is high

(C) speed is high, feed is low

(D) speed is low, feed is low


4-When machining parameters are kept constant, tool life will be less in

(A) end milling

(B) face milling

(C) up milling

(D) down milling


5-The correct sequence of decreasing order of Material Removal Rate (MRR), in unconventional machining process is






6-The ratio between Iron oxide and Aluminium in Thermit is

(A) 1:2

(B) 3:1

(C) 1:3

(D) 1:1


7-In ultrasonic machining, Material Removal Rate with respect to grain size increases in

(A) decreases and increases

(B) increases and decreases

(C) decreases

(D) increases


8-Following statement is correct for coated electrode arc welding process.

(A) Rod only melts and material coating does not melt

(B) Rod melts first then coating material

(C) Coating melts first then rod material

(D) Both rod and flux melts simultaneously


9- For machining ductile materials, Point angle in drills are kept low to take advantage of

(A) Lesser cutting forces

(B) Low heat developed

(C) Thicker chips

(D) Thinner chips


10-The temperature of Oxidized flame in gas welding is

(A) 3840° C

(B) 3480° C

(C) 3200° C

(D) 2900° C


11-Which of the following abrasive will be used for grinding tool steel and high speed steel (HSS)?

(A) Boron Carbide

(B) Al2O3

(C) SiC

(D) Diamond


12-Callapsible tubes are manufactured by

(A) Impact extrusion

(B) Hydrostatic extrusion

(C) Indirect extrusion

(D) Direct extrusion



1-(D), 2-(C), 3-(C), 4-(C), 5-(C), 6-(B), 7-(B), 8-(B), 9-(D), 10-(B), 11-(B), 12-(A)