Multiple Choice Questions on Shaper and Planer Machine

Multiple Choice Questions on Shaper and Planer Machine

1-In shaper machine

(A) tool is stationary while workpiece reciprocates

(B) workpiece is stationary while tool reciprocates

(C) both the tool and workpiece reciprocates

(D) both the tool and workpiece rotates


2-Following shape(s) is (are) produced with shaper machine

(A) v-block

(B) dove tail

(C) guide gib

(D) all of the above


3-The ram head of shaper machine does not consist of

(A) swivel-head plate

(B) tool slide

(C) clapper box

(D) clutch lever


4-In shaper, during working (cutting) stroke the tool block rests on the

(A) clapper box

(B) tool slide

(C) tool base

(D) swivel head plate


5-The return stroke of shaper machine is called

(A) static stroke

(B) dynamic stroke

(C) cutting stroke

(D) idle stroke


6-Which of the following mechanism is used in shaper machine

(A) Beam engine

(B) Pantograph

(C) Crank and Slotted lever quick return motion mechanism

(D) watts indicator


7-Planer is ___ shaper in size.

(A) larger than

(B) smaller than

(C) equal to

(D) any of the above


8-In a planer

(A) both workpiece and tool rotates

(B) both tool and workpiece reciprocates

(C) tool reciprocates and workpiece is stationary

(D) workpiece reciprocates and tool is stationary


9-The maximum number of tool heads in planer can be

(A) one

(B) two

(C) three

(D) four


10-The standard clamping device(s) used on planer machine is (are) 

(A) planer jack

(B) angle plate

(C) T-holders

(D) all of the above


11-The size of the planer is specified by the

(A) maximum length of the stroke

(B) height of tool post

(C) height of its bed

(D) all of the above


12-Which of the following type of planer has two work tables

(A) double housing planer

(B) open side planer

(C) divide type planer

(D) all of the above



1-(B), 2-(D), 3-(D), 4-(A), 5-(D), 6-(C), 7-(A), 8-(D), 9-(C), 10-(D), 11-(A), 12-(C)