Multiple Choice Questions on Statistics

Multiple Choice Questions on Statistics

1-If three letters are to be put in three addressed envelopes randomly, the probability that none of the letters are in the correct envelope is :

(a) 0

(b) 1/6

(c) 1/3

(d) ½

2-For which of the following distributions mean and variance are equal? 

(a) Normal Distribution 

(b) Poisson Distribution 

(c) Binomial Distribution

(d) Negative Binomial Distribution

3-A coin is tossed five times in succession. What is the probability of getting at least four heads?

(a) 1/4

(b) 3/4

(c) 1/16

(d) 3/16

4-Sampling error can be reduced by

(a) Non-probability sampling

(b) Increasing the population size

(c) Decreasing the sample size

(d) Increasing the sample size

5-Neymann Pearson lemma provides always 

(a) an unbiased test 

(b) a most powerful test 

(c) an admissible test 

(d) a minimax test

6-If there is linear trend present in the population, then which of the following methods is the most efficient sampling technique?  

(a) Cluster sampling 

(b) Systematic sampling

(c) Stratified sampling 

(d) Simple random sampling

7-When the population consists of heterogeneity, which sampling procedure is preferred?  

(a) Stratified Random Sampling

(b) Simple Random Sampling 

(c) Systematic Sampling

(d) Double Sampling

8-Which of the following sampling technique is preferred when population units are numbered and arranged in order? 

(a) Simple Random Sampling

(b) Stratified Sampling 

(c) Systematic Sampling

(d) Sequential Sampling

9-Which of the following is not a basic principle of experimental design? 

(a) Randomization 

(b) Confounding  

(c) Local control  

(d) Replication

10-The Wishart distribution is a multivariate generalization of  

(a) Normal distribution 

(b) t-distribution 

(c) Chi-square distribution

(d) F-distribution

11-The range of a regression coefficient is  

(a) – ∞ to + ∞

(b) 0 to + 1

(c) – 1 to + 1

(d) 0 to + ∞

12-The regression coefficient is independent of the change of  

(a) Scale only  

(b) Origin only 

(c) Both scale and origin 

(d) Neither scale nor origin

13-The distribution of Hotelling’s T-square is :  

(a) Chi-square

(b) Normal

(c) F

(d) Student’s t

14-The distribution of test statistic used in sign test is 

(a) Normal

(b) Poisson

(c) Gamma

(d) Binomial

15-The distribution of test statistic used in median test is 

(a) Binomial

(b) Normal

(c) t – test

(d) Chi – square 

16-The non-parametric equivalent of one way analysis of variance is : 

(a) Friedman test  

(b) Kruskal Wallis test 

(c) Cochran test  

(d) Chi-square test


1-(c), 2-(b), 3-(c), 4-(d), 5-(b), 6-(b), 7-(a), 8-(c), 9-(b), 10-(c), 11-(c), 12-(b), 13-(c), 14-(d), 15-(d), 16-(b)