Nature of Management

Nature of Management:

The advent of Management goes as back as human civilization. Since the ancient period activities of organized nature have taken place. Management is a universal process in all organized activities.  Whenever a group is formed and thereafter a group activity is started the need and scope of management is there for setting and  achieving a common objective.

The striking difference between a civilized society and uncivilized is the presence of proper management. In the earlier times the managerial techniques adopted were only a set of instructions and rules that grew out of the experiences of various  commercial activities. The management principles that  came into being were  because of the trade and commercial activities in practice.

In the present times the term ‘management’ has evolved a lot and cater to a set of different approaches which also highlight its diversified nature. In the modern organizations this diversified nature of management is aptly reflected .On one hand concept of management is considered to be pervasive and its dynamic in nature too. Management represents a system of authority where hierarchy of command and control works. Management is a profession. It is not only a science but also an art.