Objective Questions on Automobile Engineering

Objective Questions on Automobile Engineering

1-The degree of variation of a liquid with temperature is termed as

(A) Kinematic viscosity

(B) Absolute viscosity

(C) Viscosity index

(D) None of the above

2-The power utilized to propel the vehicle is known as





3-The cross section of brake shoe is of:

(A) T-section

(B) I-section

(C) H-section

(D) U-section

4-The component of pressure spring type single plate clutch system which disengage from flywheel when pressing clutch pedal is

(A) Pressure plate

(B) Clutch cover

(C) Clutch disc

(D) Release bearing

5-If the speed of vehicle is doubled the air resistance is:

(A) Increased by four times

(B) Decreased by four times

(C) Increased by two times

(D) Decreased by two times

6-Which among the following is an example of positive clutch?

(A) Jaw clutch

(B) Multiple clutch

(C) Single plate clutch

(D) All of the above

7-The component of battery ignition system which helps to avoid spark between CB point is:

(A) Ballast resistor

(B) Condenser

(C) Rotor

(D) Spark plug

8-The CB point gap is in the range of

(A) 0.35 mm to 0.45 mm

(B) 0.35 mm to 0.45 mm

(C) 0.30 mm to 0.40 mm

(D) 1 mm to 1.35 mm

9-Which type of fuel supply system is commonly used in motor cycle?

(A) Gravity system

(B) Pressure system

(C) Vacuum system

(D) Pump system

10-Which of the following is not an advantage of two stroke engine compared to four stroke engine of same size?

(A) Lighter in weight

(B) Higher volumetric efficiency

(C) More power is produced

(D) None of the above


1-(C), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(C), 5-(A), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(B)

11-The condenser used in battery coil ignition circuit is connected in:

(A) Parallel to CB points

(B) Series to CB points

(C) Either in series or parallel to CB points

(D) None of the above

12-Accelerator linkage of a petrol engine using carburetor is connected to:

(A) Choke valve

(B) Air cleaner

(C) Throttle valve

(D) Manifold

13-Which of the following is not a cause for diesel engine does not start?

(A) Air in the fuel system

(B) Blocked or clogged fuel filter or fuel lines

(C)  Small leakage in diesel tank

(D) None of the above

14-Which of the following cold starting device is used in diesel engine?

(A) Choke valve

(B) Cooling coil

(C) Priming pump

(D) Glow plug

15-The needle valve of carburetor is closed and opened by:

(A) Air jet

(B) Main petrol jet

(C) Throttle valve

(D) Float

16-What is the purpose of providing vertical slot or T-slots on piston?

(A) For the seating of compression ring

(B) For the seating of oil ring

(C) For lubrication

(D) Restrict the change in diameter during thermal expansion

17-What is the advantage of aluminium alloy piston over cast iron piston of same size?

(A) Higher brittleness

(B) Less thermal conductivity

(C) Lighter in weight

(D) All of the above

18-What material is plated on bore of aluminium alloy cylinder blocks to obtain a wear resistant surface?

(A) Chromium

(B) Sulphur

(C) Silicon

(D) Alumina

19-Most of the coolant pumps used in automobile are of:

(A) Gear type

(B) Vane type

(C) Reciprocating type

(D) Impeller type

20-Which of the following is not an effect of providing cooling fins around engine cylinder?

(A) Increase heat transfer area

(B) Decrease heat transfer rate

(C) Increase cooling efficiency

(D) None of the above


11-(A), 12-(C), 13-(C), 14-(D), 15-(D), 16-(D), 17-(C), 18-(C), 19-(D), 20-(B)

21-In tubular type radiator cores:

(A) Air flows through tubes and coolant passes around

(B) Coolant passes through tube and air passes around

(C) Air and coolant passes through tubes

(D) Air and coolant passes around tubes

22-The volatile liquid that filled in bellows type thermostat is:

(A) Ethylene glycol

(B) Freon

(C) Acetone

(D) Glycerene

23-What operation has to be done on the ends of brake pipe to prevent leakage?

(A) Purging

(B) Reaming

(C) Counter sinking

(D) Flaring

24-The brake pads of disc brakes are returned by:

(A) Retractor spring

(B) Rubber seal ring

(C) Shoe return spring

(D) Caliper

25-The part of hydraulic brake system which actuates brakes shoes directly:

(A) Master cylinder

(B) Push rod

(C) Wheel cylinder

(D) Brake pedal

26-The type of jack with diamond shaped frame having a nut on one side and sleeve on other side

(A) Tripod

(B) Trolley type

(C) Scissor type

(D) Bottle type

27-Which of the following is a finishing operation for machined components?

(A) Broaching

(B) Cyaniding

(C) Vulcanization

(D) Honing

28-In Semi floating type rear axle, the bearing is located

(A) On the axle and inside axle casing

(B) On the axle casing and inside the hub

(C) On the axle and inside the hub

(D) None of the above

29-The tool which is used to remove gear, bearing, wheels and pulleys from their attaching components are:

(A) Screw driver

(B) Monkey plier

(C) Pullers

(D) Hammer

30-The type of gear wheels used in sliding mesh gear box is:

(A) Helical gear

(B) Double helical gear

(C) Spur gear

(D) Spiral gear


21-(B), 22-(C), 23-(D), 24-(A), 25-(C), 26-(C), 27-(D), 28-(A), 29-(C), 30-(C)

31-In compound wound starter motors the field coil is

(A) Connected parallel with the armature

(B) Both series and parallel with the armature

(C) Connected in series with the armature

(D) None of the above

32-Which among the following material is used as a solid lubricant?

(A) Calcium chloride

(B) Calcium carbonate

(C) Copper sulphate

(D) Graphite

33-How many cells are there in a 12 V lead acid battery?

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 6

(D) 12

34-Which among the following bearings are commonly known as antifriction bearing?

(A) Foot step bearing

(B) Journal bearing

(C) Collar bearing

(D) Ball and roller bearing

35-The type of combustion chamber which is made as a depression on the top of piston is called:

(A) Pre-combustion chamber

(B) Energy cell

(C) Open combustion chamber

(D) Ante chamber

36-The space between the piston and cylinder wall is called

(A) Piston clearance

(B) End clearance

(C) Lip clearance

(D) None of the above

37-Helical control groove in FIP is provided in

(A) Control sleeve

(B) Control pinion

(C) Plunger

(D) Pump cylinder

38-The mechanism which uses fly weights to advance spark in the engine cylinder is:

(A) Vacuum advance mechanism

(B) Centrifugal advance mechanism

(C) Manual advance mechanism

(D) None of the above

39-The component of battery coil ignition system which convert battery voltage into breakdown voltage is called

(A) Condenser

(B) Ignition coil

(C) Ballast resistor

(D) Distributor

40-If the engine is continuous to run after the ignition is turned off is called:

(A) Dieseling

(B) Percolation

(C) Purging

(D) Flooding


31-(C), 32-(D), 33-(C), 34-(D), 35-(A), 36-(A), 37-(C), 38-(B), 39-(D), 40-(A)

41-Diaphragm type mechanical fuel pump is driven by

(A) V-belt

(B) Chain

(C) Camshaft eccentric

(D) Cooling fan

42-Which of the following compound is added to petrol to improve its anti knocking property?

(A) Sodium bicarbonate

(B) Calcium bicarbonate

(C) Potassium nitrate

(D) Tetra ethyl lead

43-The size of flywheel used in single cylinder 4-stroke engine compared to a flywheel of the single cylinder 2-stroke engine of same capacity is

(A) Larger

(B) Smaller

(C) Same

(D) None of the above

44-The number of crank pin in the crank shaft of a V-type engine is:

(A) Equal to number of cylinder

(B) Equal to double the number of cylinder

(C) Equal to half of number of cylinder

(D) None of the above

45-If the single cylinder produces a power in each rotation of crank shaft, then the engine is a:

(A) 4-stroke engine

(B) 2-stroke engine

(C) Wankel engine

(D) All of the above

46-Variable steering ratio can be achieved in case of

(A) Worm and sector

(B) Worm and nut

(C) Rack and pinion

(D) Worm and roller

47-The pollutant that is formed at higher combustion temperature is

(A) CO

(B) HC

(C) NO2

(D) H2O

48-Which gear will not revolve when the vehicle is moving on straight path?

(A) Planetary gear

(B) Sun gear

(C) Crown wheel

(D) Pinion

49-The type of body movement of a vehicle in which the vehicle turn on its own longitudinal axis is:

(A) Pitching

(B) Bouncing

(C) Yawing

(D) Rolling

50-In a tyre, it is designated as ‘P200/75 R16’. What is the digit 200?

(A) Section width

(B) Section height

(C) Rim diameter

(D) Aspect ratio


41-(C), 42-(D), 43-(A), 44-(C), 45-(B), 46-(C), 47-(C), 48-(A), 49-(D), 50-(A)

51-The tilt of the front wheels from vertical, when viewed from the front, is called:

(A) Caster

(B) Camber

(C) King pin inclination

(D) Toe in

52-Pick the odd one out:

(A) Half shaft

(B) Clutch shaft

(C) Main shaft

(D) Lay shaft

53-How many synchronizer units are there in a three speed transmission?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

54-Hydrometer is device used to check:

(A) Voltage of a cell

(B) Specific gravity of acid

(C) Voltage of a battery

(D) Temperature of electrolyte

55-A slip joint permits changes in

(A) Wheel base

(B) Wheel track

(C) Wheel alignment

(D) None of the above

56-In case of front engine rear wheel drive cars, the drive shaft has:

(A) Minimum one universal joint

(B) Maximum two universal joints

(C) Minimum two universal joints

(D) Two slip joints

57-Transfer case is a type of ___ in four wheel drive vehicles.

(A) Crank case

(B) Gear box

(C) Transmission shaft

(D) Differential

58-The temperature below which the oil will not flow is:

(A) Fire point

(B) Flash point

(C) Pour point

(D) Flow point

59-PCV valve is located between:

(A) Crank case and inlet manifold

(B) Crank case and carburetor

(C) Air cleaner and crank case

(D) Air cleaner and carburetor

60-Geerally turbo charger is operated by:

(A) A belt driven by the engine crank shaft

(B) A gear attached to the cam shaft

(C) A chain and sprocket drive

(D) Exhaust gas


51-(B), 52-(A), 53-(B), 54-(B), 55-(A), 56-(C), 57-(C), 58-(C), 59-(A), 60-(D)

61-Mechanical fuel pumps are operated by

(A) Cam in the cam shaft

(B) Eccentric in the crank shaft

(C) Skew gear in the cam shaft

(D) Eccentric in the cam shaft

62-Low Cetane fuel implies that

(A) It takes linger time to ignite

(B) It takes lesser time to ignite

(C) Ignites as soon as it enters the cylinder

(D) Both (B) and (C)

63-The volume of air contained above the piston when the piston is at TDC is:

(A) Clearance volume

(B) CC

(C) Swept volume

(D) Stroke volume

64-Valve overlaps occur at:

(A) The end of exhaust valve

(B) The beginning of power stroke

(C) The beginning of compression stroke

(D) The end of power stroke

65-Thermostat valve helps the engine to:

(A) Keep the oil temperature at operating values

(B) Keep the coolant temperatures at operating values

(C) Prevents the engine from overhauling

(D) Both (B) and (C)

66-Piston rings are provided to:

(A) Completely seal the combustion gas

(B) Hold the piston concentric to cylinder walls

(C) Hold a fine oil film on cylinder walls

(D) Both (A) and (C)

67-The upper and lower ends of the combustion chamber is formed by:

(A) Piston and cylinder block

(B) Cylinder walls and piston

(C) Piston rings and cylinder head

(D) Cylinder head and piston

68-Some automobile engines have glow plugs to:

(A) Warn the driver about engine overheat

(B) Preheat the fuel for easier starting

(C) Preheat the combustion chamber

(D) Warm the passenger area

69-The main purpose of piston pin offset is to:

(A) Perfectly balance the piston during power stroke

(B) Prevent piston slip

(C) Centralize the piston

(D) Reduce piston slip

70-In an engine having swirl combustion chamber:

(A) More air fuel mixture enters

(B) Improved scavenging takes place

(C) Improved combustion takes place

(D) Burned gas has no back pressure


61-(D), 62-(A), 63-(A), 64-(A), 65-(D), 66-(D), 67-(D), 68-(B), 69-(D), 70-(C) f