Objective Questions on Electrical Engineering

Objective Questions on Electrical Engineering

1-Other than Nichrome, which of the following material is used as heating element?

(A) Tungsten

(B) Kanthal

(C) Porcelain

(D) Mica


2-What effect of electric current is used in electric motors?

(A) Chemical effect

(B) Magnetic effect

(C) Heating effect

(D) Shock effect


3-The method of fire extinguishing by isolating the fire from the supply of oxygen by blanketing is known as

(A) Smothering

(B) Starving

(C) Accumulation

(D) Cooling


4-Combination pliers are not used for

(A) Cutting

(B) Twisting

(C) Hammering

(D) Gripping


5-Armouring is provided in the cables to safeguard against:

(A) Moisture entry

(B) White ant

(C) Bursting of failure

(D) Mechanical injury


6-Luminous efficiency of a Fluorescent tube is:

(A) 20-60 lumens/watt

(B) 30-70 lumens/watt

(C) 40-80 lumens/watt

(D) 50-100 lumens/watt


7-According to Steinmentz Hysteresis law, the hysteresis loss in iron is proportional to:

(A) Bm1.2





8-Which type of MCBs are designed to protect circuits with inductive loads?

(A) Type B

(B) Type C

(C) Type D

(D) All of the above


9-To control one lamp from three places we use:

(A) 3 one way switches

(B) 2 two way switches and 1 one way switch

(C) 3 two way switches

(D) 2 two way switches and 1 intermediate switch


10-In simple voltaic cell, zinc plate is amalgamated with mercury to prevent:

(A) Local action

(B) Polarization

(C) Buckling

(D) Sulphation



1-(B), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(D), 7-(B), 8-(A), 9-(D), 10-(A)