Objective Questions on General Awareness

Objective Questions on General Awareness

1-den : lion :: coop : ?

(A) peacock

(B) squirrel

(C) parrot

(D) hen

2-Anarchy : Lawlessness :: Anemia : ?

(A) Fearlessness

(B) Colorlessness

(C) Shapelessness

(D) Bloodlessness

3-Optician : Eyes :: Geriatric : ?

(A) Young

(B) Needy

(C) Old Age

(D) New Born

4-SQL in Computer Science stands for

(A) Sorted Query Language

(B) Structured Quick Launch

(C) Structured Query Language

(D) Sorted Quick Launch

5-Which of the following is not a part of the processor of a computer?


(B) CU

(C) Registers


6-Rotation of crop is essential

(A) for increasing the quantity of minerals

(B) for increasing the quantity of proteins

(C) for getting kinds of crops

(D) for increasing fertility of the soil

7-The major component in CNG is

(A) ethane

(B) propane

(C) butane

(D) methane

8-World Environment Day is celebrated on

(A) June 5

(B) March 5

(C) April 6

(D) May 7

9-Which one of the following layer protects the earth from harmful ultra-violet radiation

(A) Ozone

(B) Oxygen

(C) Carbon dioxide

(D) Nitrogen

10-Following is an example of fixed cost

(A) Raw material cost

(B) Wages of casual labor

(C) Building rent

(D) Fuel and power charges

11-Following has propounded the principle of population.

(A) Darwin

(B) Gardener

(C) Malthus

(D) Odum

12-Which one of the following is fastest growing renewable energy resource in the world

(A) Hydroelectric

(B) Tidal waves

(C) Thermal energy

(D) Wind energy

13-Bio-diesel is obtained from which of the following plants?

(A) Jatropha

(B) Sugarcane

(C) Sunflower

(D) Mustard

14-Photosynthesis occurs

(A) only in leaves

(B) only in plants

(C) in all green parts of plants

(D) in the roots

15-The tungsten wire in coiled form in electric bulb has

(A) lower melting point and lower resistance

(B) lower melting point and higher resistance

(C) higher melting point and lower resistance

(D) higher melting point and higher resistance

16-The tides in the ocean are due to

(A) Wind over the oceans

(B) Gravitational pull of the moon

(C) Rotation of the Earth

(D) Revolution of the earth

17-Oil-fires are extinguished by

(A) Soda-acid fire extinguisher

(B) Foam-type fire extinguisher

(C) Carbon-tetrachloride fire extinguisher

(D) water

18-Following apparatus is used for measuring heat change.

(A) Thermometer

(B) Voltameter

(C) Voltmeter

(D) Calorimeter

19-Plaster of Paris is hardened by

(A) combining with water

(B) combining with CO2

(C) giving out water

(D) giving out CO2

20-The goal of Green Revolution is to

(A) Decrease the use of polythene

(B) Decrease Population growth

(C) Increase agricultural output

(D) Increase the number of poultry farms


1-(D), 2-(D), 3-(C), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(D), 7-(D), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(C), 11-(C), 12-(D), 13-(A), 14-(C), 15-(D), 16-(B), 17-(B), 18-(D), 19-(A), 20-(C)