Objective Questions on MS-Word

11-Which of the following is used to increase the font size by one size?

(A) Ctrl + [

(B) Ctrl + ]

(C) Ctrl + {

(D) Ctrl + }


12-A character that is lowered and smaller below the base line is known as:

(A) Superscript

(B) Lowering

(C) Subscript

(D) Lowscript


13-Which of the following function key opens find and replace box?

(A) F3

(B) F4

(C) F5

(D) F6


14-Following is available in shapes under insert menu.

(A) Basic shapes

(B) Callouts

(C) Flowcharts

(D) All of the above


15-To insert decorative text in our document we use

(A) Smart Art

(B) Clip Art

(C) Word Art

(D) Any of the above


16-Hyperlink create a link to a

(A) Web page

(B) Picture

(C) E-mail address

(D) All of the above


17-Following does not come under Header and Footer section

(A) Header

(B) Footer

(C) Page number

(D) Text Box


18-It is used to create a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph

(A) Drop Cap

(B) Quick Parts

(C) Tex Box

(D) Word Art


19-The maximum size of a file that can be created in MS-Word is

(A) 22MB

(B) 28MB

(C) 32MB

(D) 36MB


20-Insert Clip Art into the document includes

(A) Drawings

(B) Movies

(C) Stock Photographs

(D) All of the above



11-(B), 12-(C), 13-(C), 14-(D), 15-(C), 16-(D), 17-(D), 18-(A), 19-(C), 20-(D)