Objective Questions on World Geography

Objective Questions on World Geography

1-‘Present is the key to the past.’ This statement is associated with 

(a) John Playfair

(b) James Hutton

(c) Major Powell

(d) G.K. Gilbert

2-What is the maximum depth of outer core of the earth ? 

(a) 5150 km

(b) 6371 km

(c) 7200 km

(d) 8100 km

3-“Bigger the column, lesser the density, smaller the column, greater the density.” Who is the contributor of the above statement ? 

(a) Sir George Airy 

(b) Pratt 

(c) Heiskanen  

(d) Hefford and Bovi

4-What is the maximum depth of inner core of the earth ? 

(a) 5157 km

(b) 6276 km

(c) 7212 km

(d) 8107 km

5-Which one of the following terms is not associated with the Plate Tectonic Theory ? 

(a) Subduction  

(b) Magnetic anomaly 

(c) Sea floor spreading 

(d) Force of buoyancy

6-Rossby waves are related to : 

(a) Tides

(b) Jet stream

(c) River

(d) None of the above

7-‘Cirque’ is known by different names in different countries. Select the wrong pair showing the country and the name  

(a) Norway – Botn 

(b) Germany – Kar 

(c) Scotland – Oule 

(d) France – Cirque

8-The height of the tropopause is maximum in the  

(a) Equatorial area 

(b) Sub-tropical area 

(c) Polar area  

(d) Mid latitudes area

9-What is ‘Ooze’ ? 

(a) Clay  

(b) Silt 

(c) Terrigenous deposits

(d) Pelagic deposits

10-Which one of the following clouds is known as ‘Thunder Cloud’ ? 

(a) Cirro-cumulus clouds

(b) Cumulo-nimbus clouds 

(c) Cirro-stratus clouds 

(d) Strato-cumulus clouds

11-Which one of following has the highest albedo ? 

(a) Cirrus cloud  

(b) Cumulonimbus cloud  

(c) Sand  

(d) Melting snow

12-Ice-crystal Theory was propounded by 

(a) Bergeron

(b) Taylor

(c) Boven

(d) Arenberg

13-The element found abundantly in the sea water is  

(a) Sodium sulphate 

(b) Sodium chloride 

(c) Calcium chloride 

(d) Potassium chloride

14-The Ninety-East ridge is situated in the 

(a) Pacific Ocean

(b) Indian Ocean

(c) Atlantic Ocean

(d) Arctic Ocean

15-The rock-form projected towards the sea coast is called  

(a) Skerry

(b) Jetty

(c) Stack

(d) Hook

16-What is ‘Run of the River Technique’ ? 

(a) Water flow of the river 

(b) Taking water for hydropower through tunnel and then allow river to flow 

(c) River mining policy 

(d) Water harvesting

17-Who propounded the concept of ‘Geographical Pivot of History’ ? 

(a) Mackinder

(b) Martonee

(c) Hartshorne

(d) Demangeon

18-Which one of the following cities is known as ‘Port of 5 Seas’ ?  

(a) Istanbul

(b) Tokyo

(c) Moscow

(d) Rotterdam

19-Which one of the following is a Coral Island ? 

(a) Andaman and Nicobar

(b) Maldives  

(c) Lakshadweep  

(d) Medagascar

20-How many rings are found in the Von Thunen model of agricultural location theory ? 

(a) 8

(b) 7

(c) 5

(d) 6


1-(b). 2-(a), 3-(b), 4-(b), 5-(b), 6-(b), 7-(c), 8-(a), 9-(d), 10-(b), 11-(d), 12-(a), 13-(b), 14-(b), 15-(b), 16-(b), 17-(a), 18-(c), 19-(c), 20-(c)