Management Studies

Objective Questions with Answers on Economics

Objective Questions with Answers on Economics

1- What happens when two reaction curves of the two different firms intersect each other?

(a) Cournot-Nash Equilibrium

(b) Saddle Point

(c) Feasible Solution

(d) Group Equilibrium


2- Stagflation refers to the situation which is characterized by:

(a) Deflation and rising unemployment

(b) Inflation and rising employment

(c) Inflation and rising unemployment

(d) Deflation and stagnant employment


3- Demand pull inflation is generated when

(a) Demand for money increases

(b) Demand for products increases

(c) Supply of goods decreases

(d) Production cost increases


4- What do you mean by ‘Gender Budgeting’?

(a) A tool for gender discrimination

(b) A separate budget for women

(c) A tool for gender empowerment

(d) A separate budget for men and women


5- High deficit in an economy creates:

(a) Inflation

(b) Deflation

(c) Unemployment

(d) None of these


6- A change in a country’s balance of payments can cause fluctuations in the

(a) Exchange rate

(b) Rate of interest

(c) Money supply

(d) None of these


7- Demand for labour is

(a) Direct demand

(b) Cross demand

(c) Derived demand

(d) Income demand


8- An Iso-quant curve is:

(a) concave to origin point

(b) convex to origin point

(c) upward sloping to right

(d) None of these


9- The main problem of Economics is

(a) Over Production

(b) Unemployment

(c) Choice making

(d) Poverty


10- Economic development can be measured by:

(a) Gross Domestic Product

(b) Death Rate

(c) Pollution

(d) None of these’



1-(a), 2-(c), 3-(b), 4-(c), 5-(a), 6-(a), 7-(c), 8-(a), 9-(c), 10-(a)