Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal can be defined as a regular review of employees by an organization to evaluate its employees. With this method job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated in terms of the contribution made by them towards achieving organizational targets. It also evaluates their personal strengths and weaknesses in achieving the objectives of the organization.

Objectives of the Performance Appraisal:

The main objectives of Personal Appraisal are as follows:

  • To enable each employee of an organization to understand his role and responsibility of the job performed by him.
  • It makes each employee in the organization aware about his own strengths and weaknesses after evaluating the task assigned to him .
  • It identifies if any of the employee of the organization needs some development.
  • To improve the relationship between the superior and his subordinate by making them realize that all employees are dependent on each other.
  • To serve as a mechanism to improve the communication between the senior and the subordinate.
  • To provide an opportunity for the employees for their self-evaluation and setting targets for realization.
  • To reinforce the concept of self-growth which in turn will lead to career development of the employees.
  • To create a motivating working environment wherein the employees try to excel in the task assigned to them.
  • To generate requisite information of each employee at regular intervals which will be the base for taking any further decision by the HR department.

To summarize, performance appraisal can work as a tool, helpful for both the employee and the employer for working in a more conducive and cordial environment keeping in mind the achieving of set organizational goals or targets. It will work as a driving force which will  motivate the human resources of the organization  towards the attainment of the personal organizational goals.