Personality traits that influence organizational behavior

Personality traits that influence organizational behavior:

Self Esteem: “Self Esteem is the level of respect an individual has for himself.” This trait influences person to person at different level as people differ in the extent to which they like or dislike things about self and others.  Self Esteem refers to the feeling of like or dislike for oneself. People with high self esteem think that they have the abilities to be successful in their occupation. They people are highly risk taking personalities and accept work which is not ordinary.

Locus of Control: Locus of control means to an individual’s faith that things are either within one’s control (Internal Locus of Control) or are beyond one’s control. Some people think that they are the controller of their own fate. Other people observe themselves as Jack of destiny; believe that whatever happening to them in their lives is because of their luck. People who like to control their own selves are internals and others having faith in destiny are called externals. Internals are more active and takes their decisions by own and are open to the other people while externals are opposite to them.

Authoritarianism: These are the people who love to control other people at work. They are of string belief that there should be difference in status and power of people working in organisation. Authoritarians tend to have high value on their attitude and are highly oriented towards compliance of rules and regulations. They naturally prefer firm and planned work environments which are managed by clear rules and regulations.

Machiavellianism:  The term Machiavellianism is taken from the name of Niccolo Machiavelli who gave research on manipulation of power by people. The people who manipulate the power and take advantage of it are called Mach.  The people with high Machiavellianism are more successful and they like to work when there are max number of rules. They usually take advantage of others for own self.  

Introversion or extroversion:  These terms are linked with social and interpersonal habit of an individual. Person who is more social and interacts like to interact with people is extrovert and the one who is less social is known as introvert.   Extrovert people are choice of organisation when the position requires considerable high interaction with people and introvert people are given tasks that require calm environment and analytical skills. An extreme introvert person does his best alone in a silence environment without external disturbance or influence.