Personnel Administration Questions

Personnel Administration Questions

1-Personnel Administration can contribute in

(A) Solving the problems

(B) Interpretation of costs and benefits

(C) Salary package

(D) All of the above


2-Advantage(s) of career planning is (are):

(A) Reduces turnover

(B) Tap potentials of employees

(C) Motivates employees

(D) All of the above


3-Transfer is a ___

(A) Horizontal job assignment

(B) Vertical job assignment

(C) Inclined job assignment

(D) None of the above


4-Which cost can be saved through good induction or orientation program?

(A) Material cost

(B) Labor cost

(C) Advertising cost

(D) All of the above


5-Criteria for selection includes

(A) Educational accomplishments

(B) Experience

(C) Personal characteristics

(D) All of the above


6-What is the action involved in job redesign?

(A) Job rotation

(B) Training

(C) Recruitment

(D) Promotion


7-Quality(ies) of manager who work in the organization which is in growth phase:-

(A) See alternatives

(B) Accept change easily

(C) Clear vision of the future

(D) All of the above


8-Problem solving approach method identifies problems which may be interfering with ___ .

(A) Employee performance

(B) Employee relation

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


9-Outsourcing is a viable solution for the companies that do not have sufficient work for:-

(A) Full time employees

(B) Part time employees

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


10-Through human resource information system data is:-

(A) Acquired

(B) Analyzed

(C) Stored

(D) All of the above


11-In majority of the companies increments are linked with:-

(A) Performance

(B) Designation

(C) Experience

(D) Qualification


12-Job evaluation is the process by which relative worth of ___ in the organization is determined for the purpose of salary computation.

(A) Various jobs

(B) work profile

(C) Designation

(D) All of the above


13-Process of selection includes:-

(A) Preliminary screening

(B) Interviews

(C) Employment tests

(D) All of the above


14-Level of expertise of employees can be determined through ____ .

(A) Competency Mapping

(B) Organization development

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


15- ___ method of training is connected to real life problem.

(A) Role playing

(B) Case study

(C) Simulation

(D) Conference


16-Salary structure is developed by:-

(A) Performance appraisal

(B) Job evaluation

(C) Job enrichment

(D) Job rotation


17- ___ means limitation of organized action.

(A) Directing

(B) Development

(C) Training

(D) All of the above


18-Assessmet centers gives idea about ___ .

(A) Organization development

(B) Promotable employee

(C) Future goals

(D) All of the above


19-An organizations success depends on the availability of:-

(A) Competent human resources

(B) Skilled workforce

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


20-Which of the following makes employee more competent?

(A) Increment

(B) Job rotation

(C) Experience

(D) All of the above



1-(D), 2-(D), 3-(A), 4-(B), 5-(D), 6-(A), 7-(D), 8-(A), 9-(A), 10-(D), 11-(A), 12-(D), 13-(D), 14-(A), 15-(B), 16-(B), 17-(A), 18-(B), 19-(A), 20-(B)