Management Studies

Principles of Management MCQ Questions

Principles of Management MCQ Questions

1- Management is a creative and ________ process.

(A) Continuous

(B) Technical

(C) Democratic

(D) None of the above


2- The old control technique(s) which was (were) used through years is (are)

(A) unity of policies

(B) break-even analysis

(C) budgetary control

(D) All of the above


3- Which type of strategies do professional managers help organizations in chalking out?

(A) Multi-disciplinary

(B) Corporate

(C) Managerial

(D) All of the above


4- Management exists at the ___ level of the organization.

(A) Lower

(B) Middle

(C) Top

(D) All of the above


5- Limitation(s) of control is (are)

(A) external factors

(B) fixing of responsibility

(C) variation and its causes

(D) All of the above


6- Management is said to be the combination of

(A) arts, science and profession

(B) arts, science and engineering

(C) arts, commerce and science

(D) arts, commerce and engineering


7- ___ is supposed to be immutable, unchanging and eternal.

(A) Policy

(B) Vision

(C) Mission

(D) All of the above


8- The summary of important trends in retailing are

(A) market concentration

(B) global players vs. local players

(C) non store retailing

(D) all of the above


9- Costliness of the ________ is the overriding factor determining the extent of decentralization.

(A) Decision

(B) Staffing

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


10- Positive motivation makes people willing to do their work in the best way they can and improve their ________.

(A) Productivity

(B) Personality

(C) Performance

(D) All of the above


11- The objective(s) in corporate governance is (are)

(A) shareholders value maximization

(B) growth

(C) stability

(D) all of the above


12- The heart of administration is the ___ function.

(A) Directing

(B) Organizing

(C) Controlling

(D) Cooperating


13- The different A’s of the service sector are

(A) acceptability , awareness , adaptability

(B) acceptability , awareness , availability

(C) adaptability , awareness , availability

(D) acceptability , adaptability , availability


14- Fedrick Winslow Taylor’s Mechanism of Scientific Management includes

(A) Scientific task setting

(B) planning the task

(C) standardization of tools and equipment

(D) All of the above


15- Direction is a ________ function performed by all the managers at all levels of the organization.

(A) Managerial

(B) Organizational

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


16- Retailing category(ies) based on ownership arrangement  would be

(A) Super Markets

(B) Consumer Durables Stores

(C) Departmental Stores

(D) All of the above


17- ___ is a tool for corporate governance.

(A) Training

(B) Recruitment

(C) Communication

(D) Consulting


18-Horizontal co-ordination takes place ___ .

(A) upwards

(B) downwards

(C) sideways

(D) any of the above


19-The internal environment factor(s) that influence management is (are)

(A) Labor

(B) Machines

(C) Place

(D) All of the above


20-What articulates the long-term goals of an enterprise?

(A) Policies

(B) Vision statement

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above



1-(A), 2-(D), 3-(B), 4-(D), 5-(D), 6-(A), 7-(A), 8-(D), 9-(A), 10-(C), 11-(D), 12-(A), 13-(B), 14-(D), 15-(A), 16-(D), 17-(C), 18-(C), 19-(D), 20-(B)