Production Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers

Production Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers

1-Maximum flame temperature in case of gas welding occurs at

(A) next to the inner cone

(B) inner cone

(C) at the tip of the torch

(D) at the tip of the fame


2-In shaper machine the time taken during the idle stroke is less as compared to forward cutting stroke and this is obtained by ___ mechanism.

(A) Quick return

(B) Clapper box

(C) Back gear

(D) None of the options


3-Which of the following sheet metal operation is not performed on press machine

(A) Punching

(B) Drawing

(C) Metal spinning

(D) Blanking


4-Preheating before welding is done to

(A) prevent workpiece deformation

(B) prevent cold cracks

(C) burn away oil, grease etc. from work surface

(D) make steel softer


5-On planer machine

(A) Both work piece and tool travel back and forth

(B) Work piece is held stationary and the cutting tool on the ram is moves back and forth across the work

(C) The tool is stationary and the work piece travels back and forth under the tool

(D) None of the options


6-The spacing of abrasive particles with respect to one another in grinding wheel is called

(A) Grit

(B) Grade

(C) Grain size

(D) Structure of the wheel


7-Which of the following pair is not correctly matched?

(A) Large bells – Loam moulding

(B) Large pipes – Centrifugal casting

(C) Jewellery – Lost wax process

(D) Aluminium alloy  РPressure die casting


8-The cylindrical portion of the land of the twist drill bit which is not cut away to provide clearance is called

(A) Margin

(B) Point

(C) Helix

(D) Neck


9-In oxy-acetylene gas welding three types of flames can be adjusted. Which order is correct for descending temperature?

(A) Carburizing, Oxidizing, Neutral

(B) Oxidizing, Carburizing, Neutral

(C) Oxidizing, Neutral , Carburizing

(D) Neutral, Oxidizing, Carburizing


10-Crater wear starts at some distance from the tool tip because

(A) tool temperature is maximum at that region

(B) tool strength is minimum at that region

(C) stress on rake face is maximum at the region

(D) Cutting fluid cannot penetrate that region



1-(A), 2-(A), 3-(C), 4-(A), 5-(C), 6-(D), 7-(A), 8-(A), 9-(C), 10-(A)