Production Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers

21-The following Casting defect develops due to inadequate venting

(A) Blow holes

(B) Inclusions

(C) Cold Shuts

(D) None of the options


22-Angle between the face of the tool and a line parallel with base of the tool measured in a perpendicular plane through the side cutting edge is called

(A) Back rake angle

(B) Side relief angle

(C) End relief angle

(D) Side rake angle


23-Tool used for cutting inside threads is called

(A) Tap

(B) Bender

(C) Cutter

(D) Die


24-The operation of making a cone shaped enlargement or recess at the end of a hole is called

(A) Countersinking

(B) Boring

(C) Tapping

(D) Spot facing


25-Which of the following accessory is employed on metal cutting lathe for holding jobs, which cannot be conveniently held between centers or by chucks

(A) Chuck

(B) Face plate

(C) Mandrel

(D) None of the options


26-Before drilling a hole ,its centre is marked with a

(A) Ring spanner

(B) Punch

(C) Drill bit

(D) None of the options


27-Spot welding is a type of

(A) Tungsten inert gas welding

(B) Resistance welding

(C) Arc welding

(D) Gas welding


28-On metal cutting lathe the distance that a tool advances into the work during one revolution of the headstock spindle is called

(A) Depth of cut

(B) Cutting speed

(C) Feed

(D) None of the options


29-The role of lead screw in lathe machine is to aid in

(A) Surface finishing

(B) Thread cutting

(C) Spinning

(D) Knurling


30-Silicon carbide is a(n) _______ abrasive.

(A) Artificial

(B) Natural

(C) Synthetic

(D) None of the above



21-(A), 22-(A), 23-(A), 24-(A), 25-(B), 26-(B), 27-(B), 28-(C), 29-(B), 30-(C)