Production Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers

31-In Electro Discharge Machining (EDM), the tool is made up of:

(A) Brass

(B) Cast iron

(C) Copper

(D) All of the above


32-In Thermit welding, aluminum and iron oxide are mixed in proportion of

(A) 2 : 1

(B) 1 : 1

(C) 1 : 2

(D) 1 : 3


33-The process of making hollow casting from permanent mould by close fitting core is called

(A) Centrifugal casting

(B) Pressed casting

(C) Slush casting

(D) Die casting


34-In chemical milling process, the chemical reagent of steel work piece is:

(A) Sodium chloride

(B) Caustic soda

(C) Sodium sulphate

(D) Nitric acid


35-The binder in case of synthetic sand is:

(A) Bentonite and water

(B) Water

(C) Molasses

(D) Clay


36-If ball bearing is to be fitted on a shaft, the fit between the inner race of bearing and the concerned shaft will be _______ fit.

(A) Transition

(B) Clearance

(C) Interference

(D) None of the above


37-In case of gas welding, the flux is

(A) Not used

(B) Used as powder

(C) Coated on electrodes

(D) None of the above


38-In arc welding, the electric arc is produced between the work and the electrode by

(A) Flow of current

(B) Contact resistance

(C) Voltage

(D) All of the above


39-In submerged arc welding, an arc is produced between a

(A) Two tungsten electrodes and the work

(B) Bare metal electrode and the work

(C) Metal electrode and the work

(D) Carbon electrode and the work


40-Which of the following is example of plastic welding?

(A) Forge welding

(B) Thermit welding

(C) Arc welding

(D) Gas welding



31-(D), 32-(D), 33-(B), 34-(D), 35-(A), 36-(C), 37-(B), 38-(B), 39-(B), 40-(A)