Production Engineering MCQ Questions with Answers

41-A pattern maker’s shrinkage rule considers

(A) All materials of the pattern

(B) All materials to be cast

(C) Only shrinkage allowance

(D) All pattern allowances


42-Metal patterns are used for

(A) Large scale production of castings

(B) Complicated castings

(C) Large castings

(D) Small castings


43-Wear ratio of tungsten carbide work is:

(A) 3

(B) 2

(C) 1

(D) 0.5


44-Burnishing process can give _______ surface finish on a component.

(A) Unidirectional

(B) Bi-directional

(C) Highest

(D) Lowest


45-Which of the following impurity in cast iron makes it hard and brittle?

(A) Phosphorus

(B) Manganese

(C) Sulphur

(D) Silicon


46-In case of which fit, the tolerances are most tight?

(A) Can’t say

(B) Transition

(C) interference

(D) Clearance


47-Lay is a concept applicable for _______

(A) Machine layout

(B) Surface finish

(C) Fit

(D) Tolerance


48-_______ is useful for angular measurement.

(A) Angular gauge

(B) Interferometry

(C) Both (A) and (B)

(D) None of the above


49-_______ tolerance is related to alignment of components.

(A) Runout

(B) Straightness

(C) Perpendicularity

(D) Roughness


50-Which of the following welding process uses non-consumable electrodes?

(A) Submerged arc welding

(B) Manual arc welding

(C) MIG welding

(D) TIG welding



41-(C), 42-(A), 43-(A), 44-(C), 45-(C), 46-(A), 47-(B), 48-(B), 49-(C), 50-(D)