PTU B.Tech. Information Technology (IT) Question papers – December-2016

Punjab Technical University (PTU) B.Tech. Information Technology (IT) Question papers – December-2016

Computer Architecture (BTCS-301) – Download

Discrete Structures (BTCS-302) – Download

Digital Circuits & Logic Design (BTCS-303) – Download

Data Structures (BTCS-304) – Download

Object Oriented Programming using C++ (BTCS-305) – Download

Operating Systems (BTCS-401) – Download

Mathematics –III (BTCS-402) – Download

Computer Networks-I (BTCS-403) – Download

Microprocessor & Assembly Language Programming (BTCS-404) – Download

System Programming (BTCS-405) – Download

System Analysis and Design (BTIT-501) – DEC-16-BTIT-501 , DEC-16-BTIT-501-2

Programming in Java (BTIT-502) – DEC-16-BTIT-502DEC-16-BTIT-502-2

Database Management Systems (BTIT-503) – Download

Computer Networks –II (BTCS-501) – Download

Cyber Laws and IPR (BTIT-504) – Download

Network Programming (BTIT-601) – Download

Information Security and Risk Management (BTIT-602) – Download

Web Technologies (BTIT-603) – Download

Software Engineering (BTCS-603) – Download

Building Enterprise Applications (BTIT-701) – Download

Software Project Management (BTIT-702) – Download

Multimedia and Applications (BTCS-910) – Download

Enterprise Resource Planning (BTCS-916) – Download

Cloud Computing (BTCS-912) – Download