PTU B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (ME) Question papers – April/May-2015

PTU B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (ME) Question papers – April/May-2015

BTME-301 Strength of Materials- I– Download

BTME-302 Theory of Machines-I– Download

BTME-303 Machine Drawing– Download

BTME-304 Applied Thermodynamics– Download

BTME-305 Manufacturing Processes– Download

BTME-306 Engineering Materials & Metallurgy– Download

BTME-401 Strength of Materials – II– Download

BTME-402 Theory of Machines – II – Download

BTME-403 Fluid Mechanics – Download

BTME-404 Applied Thermodynamics – II– Download

BTME-405 Manufacturing Processes-II– Download

BTAM-500 Mathematics-III– Download

BTME-501 Design of Machine Elements – I– Download

BTME-502 Computer aided Design and Manufacturing– Download

BTME-503 Mechanical Measurement and Metrology– Download

BTME-504 Industrial Automation and Robotics– Download

BTME-5O5 Automobile Engineering– Download

BTME-601 Design of Machine Elements – II – Download

BTME-602 Heat Transfer – Download

BTME-603 Fluid Machinery – Download

BTME-604 Statistical and Numerical Methods – Download

DE-ME-1.3 Non conventional Energy Resources – Download

Industrial Engineering and Management – BTME-801 – Download

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – BTME-802 – Download

Mechanical Vibrations – BTME-803 – Download

Internal Combustion Engine – DE-ME-1.1 – Download

Total Quality Management – DE-ME-2.5 – Download