Qualities of a good Industrial Engineer

The role and functions of an industrial engineer is very important in all of the industries. There are certain required qualities of  a good industrial engineer so he can analyse and synthesize. He must be well educated so that he can grasp a problem quickly. He should also be capable of understanding the principles, procedures and objectives of Industrial Engineering.

Requirement and Qualities of a good Industrial Engineer:

  • He must be technical competent and should have good knowledge of the different systems and methods of production.
  • He must be patience and mentally sound to do the work efficiently and effectively. He must have good observation power, communication skills, quick understanding, clarity of thoughts, clear power of expression, passion for continuous improvement, ability to convince his superiors and the subordinates and lots of creative ideas with good judgement.
  • He must have objective approach to the industrial engineering problems with good knowledge of workshop practice and work-organization.
  • He should be aware of different types of manufacturing processes involved in industry.
  • He must have good quantitative and negotiation skills.
  • Good practical experience of industries and processes along with strong time management skills are required.
  • He must appreciate the spirit of work and have ability to adapt to any environment.
  • He must have normal keenness of vision, normal hearing, feelings of various movements and judgements and uniformity of senses.
  • He must be a qualified industrial engineer with professional ethics and creative mind to solve the problem.
  • He must have willingness, courage, leadership quality and tactics to handle the situation. He must be polite to his superiors and subordinates.
  • He must have inquisitive mind with continuous desire to learn.