Questions and Answers on World Geography

11-International Date line is located in the

(A) Arctic Ocean

(B) Indian Ocean

(C) Pacific Ocean

(D) Atlantic Ocean


12-The biggest country (in area) is

(A) Canada

(B) Brazil

(C) China

(D) Russia


13-Sunda Trench lies in

(A) Atlantic Ocean

(B) Pacific Ocean

(C) Indian Ocean

(D) Antarctic Ocean


14-Detroit is famous for which one of the following industries?

(A) Automobile

(B) Steel

(C) Software

(D) Textile


15-Kiel Canal connects

(A) Baltic Sea and North Sea

(B) Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

(C) Caribbean Sea and Pacific Sea

(D) Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean


16-Volcano ‘Guallatiri’ is located in

(A) Peru

(B) Chile

(C) Ecuador

(D) Paraguay


17-The island of Honshu is located in

(A) China

(B) Malaysia

(C) Japan

(D) Vietnam


18-Which one of the following is longest river in the world?

(A) Amazon

(B) Volga

(C) Ganges

(D) Congo


19-The busy port of Rotterdam is situated in

(A) The Netherlands


(C) Denmark

(D) Italy


20-The following is the world’s oldest capital city?

(A) Canberra

(B) Damascus

(C) Oslo

(D) Accra



11-(C), 12-(D), 13-(C), 14-(A), 15-(A), 16-(B), 17-(C), 18-(A), 19-(A), 20-(C)